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Another Week of Training!

I started writing this post not too long after my run this morning and then my time was spent reading about the tragedy that took place in my hometown today, Jacksonville, FL. My attention was immediately diverted away from the blog and a good part of my afternoon and evening was spent watching and reading everything I could about the events that took place today. My heart always breaks when events like this happen, but you never expect it to happen in your hometown. But, back to my normally scheduled post.

After a rainy weekend last weekend, Mom and I got up early today and headed out to hit the trail. It was the most gorgeous morning as it was 64 degrees when we parked and got out of the car. We had one last 5k to do to complete our Run Disney Virtual Shorts Series and with it being the last weekend of August, we were running out of time. We were able to complete our last race and it was a great run, I didn't feel like I was dying this time! I look forward to hitting the trail more, so I can't wait until my weekends free up! Check out all of my photos from this morning, everything from medals to Dunkin's pumpkin coffee!!

Views on the trail this morning!

Our last two medals for the Virtual Shorts Series

Mom and I

Pumpkin coffee is back at Dunkin Donuts...I am a happy girl!

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