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We the Runners 5k Race Recap

For the past few years, Mom and I had started our Independence Day with with a race. Previously it has been the Peachtree Road Race, but this year we decided to stay a little closer to home and run a local 5k! There are two running stores in the area, so we had two different race options to choose from. We decided to run the "We the Runners 5k" because of two reasons: 1. The race course was on the Greenway, which is the place we run every week, and 2. They kind of market themselves as the anti-Peachtree. If you are going to be bold enough to market yourself this way, especially in North Georgia, I am going to pick you.

We were not able to pick our packets up the day before, so we arrived at the greenway early so we could pick up our packets before the race. We the Runners offered three different races, they had a half marathon, 10k and 5k. The half marathon was the first start, then the 10k took and then it was time for our 5k to start. I really thought our course was going to be really cramped, since the majority of the mileage was on a wooden deck, but I was pleasantly surprised when we had just as much room as we do when we run there on the weekends. It was a great race, and even better to run in the shade in July! I would definitely do this one again! Check out the photos below!

Mom and I before the race!

The 5k runners before the race

During the race.

Coming into the finish line.

We are done!

As I mentioned in my Turtle Trot race recap, we are running the RunDisney Virtual Running Shorts over the summer, which you run a 5k in June, July and August. I earned my July medal by completing this race and I am still waiting for my medal to be shipped with me from the race. Next up is the August medal!

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