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Race Recap - Georgia Aquarium's Turtle Trot!

At the beginning of June, Mom and I ran the inaugural Turtle Trot at the Georgia Aquarium. I typically try to keep my 5k's closer to home, but I am a sucker for the aquarium, so when I saw this race pop up on Facebook, I knew we needed to do it.

Welcome to the Georgia Aquarium!

Mom and I rocking the Goodr Glasses!

Our group at the start!

Views along the race course!

We met a Whale Shark after the race!

Our finishers photo!

Mom and I!

With the race being held at the aquarium, the runners had the option of going into the aquarium for a discounted rate on the day of the race or any time during the month of June. Since we were down there already, Mom and I decided to go ahead and go into the aquarium. We haven't been in a couple of years, so it was a lot of fun seeing the new exhibits! Check out some of the pics from inside the aquarium!

River Otter

Hanging with the dolphins!

Beluga Whales

Welcome to the penguins!!

Yep, I went into the kids area of the exhibit!

I touched the starfish!

That is a really big grouper!

The reason for our race!

Whale Shark!

I really love this photo!

The reason I have waited so long to post this is because Mom and I are also doing the Virtual Running Shorts Series through RunDisney. Basically you are running a 5k in the three summer months (June, July and August) and you will earn a medal. If you run the series, you will also get the challenge medal for running all of the races. I just recently received my package from RunDisney with all of my medals! So, here are the two medals I earned from running this race!

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