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Back to Training!

Have you heard the expression everything hurts and I'm dying?! Yea, I feel like that right now. I haven't been running in a while and my last time out on the trail was when my grandparents were here. Mom and I have decided that we want to run the Jeff Galloway 13.1 here in Atlanta, so today was the first day of training. I used to have a different blog for all of my training, but I stopped it in January and decided to focus all of me attention to Touch of Sparkle. With today being the first day of training, we decided to hit the trail and run two miles...It was so hard. After a mile my legs didn't want to go anymore and I couldn't breathe, but I got through it and it felt great! I am so glad to be running again and I am hoping this will help with my burnout as well! I will be posting weekly training posts so we all know how it's going!

Views on the trail today!

Mom and I after our two miles!

When your watch band matches your skirt!

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