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My Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Can you believe the first round of the Nordstrom Sale starts today?! I feel like this sale snuck up on me, but I am so ready! I've been watching the site and adding new items to my Wish List as they have been updating the sale preview items! I typically use this sale to stock up on basics for the fall, and I don't see my strategy being any different this year! I have pulled together some of my favorite items from the sale and wanted to share them all with you! I will make sure to link everything so you can add what you love to your wishlists! I've kept all of my picks under $100, so let's get started!

I have fallen in love with so many tops and sweaters this year! I know this is nothing new, but I feel like the tops and sweaters this year are so good! I'm not going to take you through each of these individually, but I will touch on some of my faves!

  1. I've been loving all of the Free People tops that are part of this sale! These tops and so cute and would be perfect to wear to an office, working from home or even to style for everyday wear! The Free People tops are the coral, striped sweater and light pink top at the bottom. The three tops I posted are all under $65!

  2. The collared black top is one that stopped me in my tracks on the very first day of the preview. It was the first item I added to my wish list and I'm sure it will be the first item I add to my cart! The best part, the top is under $50!

  3. The the dye top is a new addition to the preview and when I saw it today, I thought it was just so cute! This top would look cute with some loungewear or paired with jeans or jeans shorts for a day out! This sweatshirt will be less then $50!

  4. The blue Madewell top (second from the top left) is the epitome of the perfect transition top from Summer to Fall. It's a great top to wear now, but can easily transition into your Fall wardrobe!

  5. The Madewell striped cardigan was one of the fastest sellers in the sale last year. It was the first thing I ordered last year and it has been worn so much. They brought it back this year, in a different color, and I'm obsessed with this cardigan!

The tops were so good that I couldn't fit them all on one slide! I tried, but I wanted to make sure y'all could see them all! I will touch on each one of these, because I really love them all!

  1. Y'all know I love a good plaid, so these plaid tops from Thread & Supply are so amazing! I tried them on last year and regretted not buying any of them! All four of these are $31 and are perfect for fall and winter!

  2. The Caslon oatmeal sweater is one I bought last years and I wore so many times! This year they are bringing it back and it also comes in several other colors. They kept the snaps on the side, which is just the cutest detail on the sweater. The sale price will be $45!

  3. This Caslon striped cardigan is very similar to the Madewell cardigan above. I love the colors in this cardigan and it is actually less than than the Madewell one. This cardigan comes in two different striped options and some solid colors as well. This one will be under $40!

  4. Last, but not least, let's talk about this blazer! Last year, my favorite NSale purchase was a blazer that is very similar to this one! This super cute blazer is from TopShop and is under $50!

I will totally admit that I gravitate way more to the tops during this sale, but that is because I have not have a lot of luck with the pants during the NSale! I bought a pair the first year and they stretched out so quickly, so I didn't keep them! I tried on a few different pairs last year and really like the Kut from the Kloth. The jeans on here is by this brand, and they look so cute! Can't wait to try them on! The best selling "pants" from the Nordstrom Sale, are the Spanx faux leather leggings. I bought these two years ago and I've been obsessed ever since. The leggings will be under $65 during the sale and this is the best time to grab a pair!

I could've made several slides for the accessories, but I decided to limit my selections. There are only six items here, so I will touch a little on each one!

  1. These Kendra Scott earrings are so cute and they look like the perfect everyday hoop. They come in silver and gold and during the sale they will be under $35!

  2. I don't know what made these sunglasses stand out, but aren't they the cutest?! I love the shape of the lenses and during the sale they will be $99! This is the most expensive item I have added to the list.

  3. Is this Kendra Scott necklace amazing, or is it just me?! This blue stone is so pretty and I love the multiple layers that make up this necklace. There is another color option and the metal is gold. The necklace will be under $70 during the sale.

  4. This Nordstrom necklace is one of my favorite purchases from last year. It comes in gold, silver and rose gold and it is $15.90. It has held up so well and hasn't tarnished at all! IT is a very pretty and dainty necklace!

  5. I've heard amazing things about Stance socks, so when I saw these on the preview, I immediately added them to the wish list. I feel like these would be amazing socks for running or working out, so if I get them, I will definitely let you know! During the sale they will be $19!

  6. You can never go wrong with a pretty pair of stud earrings! I grabbed a pair of these earrings two years ago, during the sale, and they are so pretty! The best part is that they look real, but they are only $26!

Shoes is an area that should be my favorite and I should succeed during the sale, but each year I completely strike out and end up getting nothing! Since I am keeping everything under $100, I will share the six (really five) pairs I found.

  1. Last year one of the quickest selling shoes was a white converse tennis shoes that sadly I missed out on. I have these ones saved in my cart, but I haven't decided if I really want to get them! These will be under $50 during the sale.

  2. I don't know why, but these Timberland boots really jumped out to me during the preview. I have added them to my wish list as they will hard to pass up at $49! I can think of so many different ways to style these, so they may end up in my closet!

  3. Three and four are the same bootie, just in different colors. I love these booties and they are so perfect for fall! These are by Steve Madden and will be $89 during the sale.

  4. I am obsessed with ADIDAS sneakers! I have two pairs of the swift runs and have been eyeing these leopard print sneakers! I am so excited that they are part of the sale and they will be under $50, which is awesome since regular price if $85!

  5. 5. I am a sucker for a good winter boot and Sorel is my boot of choice! I find this really funny, since I live in the south! These Sorel Kinetic boots and find the soles to be so cool! They will be $79 during the sale!

So, now that I have gone through my favorite pieces, let me link them all so you can take a look at them! As of right now you can just add them to your wishlist and here are the shopping dates I provided in my what you need to know post:

  • August 4-18 – Early Access for Icon Status Nordstrom Cardholders.

  • August 7-18 – Early Access for Ambassador Status Nordstrom Cardholders

  • August 10-18 – Early Access for Influencer Status Nordstrom Cardholders

  • August 13-18 – Insider Early Access – If you have a Nordstrom Card, you can shop during this time! This is the ideal time to shop. Tons of items sell out during this time frame and not everything restocks unless there is a return somewhere in the system. If you don’t already have a Nordstrom Credit Card, you can sign up here!

  • August 19-30 – Nordstrom Sale open to the public! Prices go back to full price on September 1st.

If there is anything additional you are looking for, let me know and I can get a link for you!

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