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In Stock #NSALE Items

We have officially made it through the first weekend of #nsale, where it has been open to all! The sale runs through July 31, so you still have plenty of time to review the sale items and make your purchase! I want to share some of my favorite pieces from the sale, that are still in stock and available in multiple sizes! I will link everything and provide the sale price and the price is will be on August 1st! I will also provide sizing info, but if you have any questions, let me know!

Jacket: $65.90 (#nsale) | $99.00 (after sale)

Shorts: $39.90 (#nsale) | $59.00 (after sale)

Did I go into the sale looking for activewear....absolutely not! But y'all know I love navy blue and this set is just too cute. Love the set together, but the shorts and jacket would also be really cute styled separately as well. Both the shorts and jacket runs true to size and the set comes in navy and black.

Sweater: $24.99 (#nsale) | $39.00 (after sale)

Jans: $79.90 (#nsale) | $128.00 (after sale)

I think I walked out of the sale with the softest sweater, that isn't cashmere! This sweater is budget friendly at only $24.99 and it feels like a dream. The sweater runs TTS and comes in 4 color options. I bought the gray, but I am tempted to to buy more colors! The jeans are Madewell and I always grab a pair during this sale! They have 3-4 pairs available in the sale and I would size down in all of them, as Maxwell jeans will stretch.

Eliza J Dress: $89.99 (#nsale) | $148 (after sale)

Say hello to the dress that makes me wish I had an office to go into, or an event coming up! I have always loved Eliza J dresses and this one is no different! Love the colors, the patter and the overall fit of this dress. It runs TTS and this is the only color it comes in. If you are in need of an office or event dress, definitely check this one out!

Sweater: $54.99 (#nsale) | $85.00.(after sale)

Jeans: $94.99 (#nsale) | $145.00 (after sale)

The sweater was one of the first items that went on my wishlist for the sale. While it did not end up going home with me, I still go back and check on it in case I decide I want it! It is a super lightweight sweater, so if you live in a warmer climate, this one is perfect! Not only does it come in the stripes, but there are also 4 solid colors (that are a little less $$). They all run TTS, but you could size up if you wanted it more oversized. I grabbed these jeans on the way to the dressing room, and they fit so good! They are from Good American and have the perfect amount of stretch. If you are looking for skinny jeans, you need to grab these!

Shirt: $44.99 (#nsale) |

Jeans: $79.99 (#nsale) | $128.00 (aftersale)

This was the first outfit I tried on and I totally fell in love! I am a sucker for Madewell and I typically come out of this sale adding a good deal of new Madewell to my closet. This top runs TTS, only comes in white and is the perfect top for summer and fall! I would size down one in the jeans, as Madewell jeans stretch, and they have 3-4 different pairs available.

Skirt: $64.99 (#nsale) | $98.00 (after sale)

I was not looking for a skirt, but when I was walking through the sales area this Madewell skirt just spoke to me. I love the midi-length, it runs TTS and if a skirt is not your cup of tea, then there is also a dress option. This is the perfect skirt to dress up or down and it will also be perfect to transition from summer to fall!

Flannel: $34.99 (#nsale) | $49.99 (after sale)

I am sad to say this is not my flannel, but I think I need to rectify that and get one of my own! For $34.99 this is the perfect flannel for all seasons and you will probably need to purchase more than one! The flannels are meant to be a bit oversized, so go with your normal side, or size down if you want a smaller fit! It comes in 4 color options and you cannot go wrong with any of them!

Pullover: $59.99 (#nsale) | $88.00 (after sale)

This set was at the top of my list for the sale and somehow I was able to grab this look, which included the last pair of shorts in my store. Now, the shorts are not available, but the pullover is! It runs TTS, comes in two colors and they have some leggings and joggers that also come in the same color! If you are looking for the shorts, keep an eye out on the website, or local store, and watch for any returns that come in. If these were added to your wishlist, you will get notified when they are back in!

Hoodie Sweater: $38.90 (#nsale) | $68.00 (after Sale)

Another top that is not mine, but I put it on and wish it was! ha! This Caslon sweater is budget friendly and is the second softest sweater in this blog post! The sweater is very lightweight and would be perfect for fall or as a layering piece in the colder months. It comes in 4 colors and you seriously couldn't go wrong with any of them!

Cable Knit Cardigan: $45.90 (#nsale) | $69.00 (after sale)

I grabbed this cardigan on the way to the dressing room and it is a great closet staple. It is a heavier weight cardigan, so if you live in a colder climate, then this is definitely the cardigan for you. The cardigan is a bit oversized, so size down, and it does come in 3 different color options.

Thermal Sweater: $29.99 (#nsale) | $49.00 (after sale)

I must've passed by this sweater 20 times while I was review the preview and didn't even notice it. I saw someone else grab this during the earlier days and immediately went and added it to my wishlist. This is another budget friendly sweater and you will love it! The sweater comes in 3 colors and runs TTS. All sizes are available.

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