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#NSALE Wishlist Items

I feel like I am shopping this sale a little differently than I have in the past. I know this sale is pre-fall, but I used to shop this sale looking for items that were perfect for the office, but were also perfect for everyday. I no longer work in an office, so my everyday clothes have quickly become my work clothes. So, this year I am looking for closet staples that will definitely have a place in my wardrobe!

Now...I am going to share what staples I am hoping to add to my closet, but I also want to share some prior best sellers and some items I always keep on my dream list! So I will break down everything by category and they are all directly linked for shopping! (If there are arrows, you can click through to see what else is included!)






(If you can't tell...I LOVE these blankets!)

Poppy's Wish List



Dreamy Items

I went to my local Nordstrom today and took a look at some of the sale items and I started to get really excited! I will post the photos below with what all I saw!

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