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Holiday Bucket List - The Best Christmas Pajamas!

Happy Monday Friends! I am on the struggle bus today and was wishing I had one more day left of the weekend! I have been working on checking things off of my Holiday Bucket List, and I couldn't wait to share this one with you! One of the top things I posted on the bucket list was to find the comfiest Christmas pajamas....and this was probably the most fun research I have ever done! I tried on a bunch of different pajamas, but in the end I was able to pick two different sets!

The first set is a plaid lovers dream! I initially went to Abercrombie looking for a different pair, but these were sitting there are looked so amazing! I love the plaid print and the green satin stripe down the side! They are made of a flannel material, but it not too heavy. These pajamas would be great to sleep in or even just hang around the house. To be perfectly honest with you, this was the first look I shot that day and I did not want to take them off! I would say the joggers run true to size, but I did size up in the top because it is cropped. The joggers and top are both on sale today and the set would be less than $50! The joggers are only available in one size right now, but I would check your local store and I will also link the other sets here! Hurry and grab a pair of these pajamas!

This next set all started with a top and slowly went downhill from here! I saw this top online and quickly decided I needed to own it! (Who doesn't need a shirt that says Nice-ish!?) Aerie was running a Black Friday sale, so I headed over to the store to check it out. Not only was the sweatshirt $25, but all joggers were on sale for $20! I quickly found a cute pair of joggers that matched and headed for the checkout. This sweatshirt is a little heavier than the plaid top above, but the joggers would be close to the same material. A lot of the reviews online say they are short, but I am 5'5" and they hit the exact right spot for me. (They do have short, regular and long inseams on their site, so definitely look at the longs if you are tall.) I went with my normal size on both pieces and they are super comfortable! Both pieces are on sale and like the set above, would be less than $50! If you aren't sure if you are on the Nice-ish side, they also have a sweatshirt that says Naughty-ish! Don't be surprised if you see me wear this sweatshirt on a regular basis!

I could've done a post with all of the amazing pajamas I found, but I wanted to keep it quick and easy! What are your favorite go-to Christmas pajamas?

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