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Christmas Brunch and Another Check on the Holiday Bucket List!

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone! I cannot believe that Christmas is tomorrow and 2019 is in 8 days! Wow, this year really did fly by! A few years ago Mom and I decided to try something new for New Years Eve and we headed into Buckhead and had afternoon tea at the St. Regis. This brings back so many memories for me because that was the very first post I ever made on Touch of Sparkle. After the tea, Mom and I had so much fun, we decided we needed to make this a yearly activity! Last year we did not make it to the St. Regis because we had lost Callie a month prior and neither one of us was in the holiday spirit. I knew we needed to turn things around, so I made up lunch reservations for the Sunday before Christmas.

I was hoping to grab a reservation a few weeks earlier, but we wanted to make sure everything was done before the lunch so we had nothing to stress about. There is nothing better than walking into the St. Regis because they are one place that really knows how to do Christmas. When you walk through the door, you are greeted with the most fabulous Christmas tree you've ever seen. The banisters on the stairs are beautifully decorated with garland to match the tree. Off to the left is the cutest gingerbread house and inside the house is a pop-up Sugarfina shop! We took some photos on the first level and even shopped a little at Sugarfina before we headed up to our reservation.

To me, Astor Court is one of those restaurants you've always wanted to go to because it looks like something out of a movie or magazine. It is located on the second floor of the St. Regis and overlooks the lobby, Christmas Tree and the most stunning chandelier you have ever seen. Astor Court serves breakfast, lunch, brunch on the weekends and afternoon tea on the weekends. Their tea is amazing, but this time I decided we needed to try lunch. The service at Astor Court is always fantastic and anything you need, they are happy to help. Mom decided to order the burger and I went for the truffle chicken salad sandwich. I know Mom said her burger was delicious, but the chicken salad sandwich was probably the best I've ever had.

One of the things I had on my Holiday Bucket List was to have a hot chocolate at the St. Regis. If you head to the 6th floor, they have an ice skating rink and an outdoor bar that serves food and drinks. Mom and I each decided to get a hot chocolate and when we ordered the nice lady asked what toppings we would like on it. We looked around and saw marshmallows, sprinkles, graham crackers, chocolate pieces, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. As my head was spinning with the combinations I could put together, we both decided to do marshmallows and sprinkles. We paid for the drinks and headed over to the outdoor fire place to enjoy our beverages and watch everyone have a blast on the ice.

If you live in the Atlanta area, or are just passing though, definitely make time to stop at the St. Regis for the holidays. Make a lunch reservation, or grab something quick at the St. Regis Bar (which is my favorite)! While you are there, enjoy the decorations, gingerbread house, ice skating and delicious hot chocolate; you won't be disappointed! I think it's time to make our reservation for next year!

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