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First Check on the Holiday Bucket List - Dahlonega’s Old Fashioned Christmas

I am so excited that I get to check off my first item from my Holiday Bucket List! My amazing hair stylist is located in Historic Dahlonega, so Mom and I decided this would be a great time to see it all decorated for Christmas! We planned on spending the whole day in Dahlonega, but the weather was yucky and it turned out to be a washout. Our appointment was at 9 a.m., so we were there before a lot of the people showed up. After our appointment we headed to lunch and then decided to brave the rain and walk around. We were able to get some Christmas shopping done and was even able to see some of the town lit up. I'm hoping we can get back up to Dahlonega to check everything out, without all of the rain, so I will share even more if I make it back. Check out the pictures from this visit below!

Look at these lights!

The Gold Museum

The Christmas Setup Right Outside of the Salon!

I Feel Like Santa May Be Watching Over Me!

Look at the Beautiful Tree!

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