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Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend - Magic Kingdom!

After the race, and breakfast, Mom and I decided to head back to the room and get cleaned up. We both took a nap and got ready to to head out for the day. We headed over to Magic Kingdom to celebrate our accomplishment and just have a blast! Our first stop in Magic Kingdom was a celebratory lunch at Be Our Guest. It has been a while since we have been to Be Our Guest and I was lucky to get the reservation because someone cancelled it two days before we left! Lunch at Be Our Guest is my favorite because they have amazing sandwiches. Mom and I sat in the grand ballroom and each ordered a sandwich with a masters cupcake. I know you are thinking, "What is the masters cupcake," so let's take it back to Beauty and the Beast. In the Be Our Guest song, Lumiere says, "Try the Grey Stuff it's delicious, don't believe me, ask the dishes." So the masters cupcake is a little bit of cake with the grey stuff on top! So good!

Mom and I at the Castle

Beast's Castle

This View Never Gets Old

The gates as you enter the castle!

Mom's French Dip Sandwich

I had the carved turkey sandwich

The Master's Cupcake

Inside the Grand Ballroom

After lunch we just walked around the park waiting for our FastPass to start. As we were headed for Frontierland I realized it was 3 p.m. and time for the Festival of Fantasy Parade. I quickly found us a spot to watch the parade and within a few minutes the music changed and the parade was headed towards us. The parade starts between Adventureland and Frontierland, so we happy to catch it at the very beginning.

Belle and the Beast

Cinderella's Dress

Anna and Elsa


Flynn Rider


Peter Pan and Wendy

You know I'm a sucker for an anchor!



My favorite part of the parade...Maleficent!

Daisy is looking sassy!

Mickey and Minnie

This Snapchat filter is awesome!

We are waiting for the train!

After the parade Mom and I took it pretty easy. We did our fastpasses for Seven Dwarf's Mine Train and Pirates of the Caribbean. We also took advantage of the "hub grass" area and had some snacks and just enjoyed the afternoon. It was far more relaxed than a normal trip of ours but after waking up at 2 a.m. the relaxation was needed!

Inside Seven Dwarf's Mine Train

What an amazing view of Cinderella's Castle

We kept our seats on the hub grass and watched the fireworks. I have only seen the new show, Happily Ever After, one other time, but there is something about this new show that just gives me chills! Check out the photos and some videos from Happily Ever After.

After the fireworks Mom and I took a stroll through the shops on Main Street to give the other guests time to exit the park. We had a great day at Magic Kingdom, but as much as I wanted to stay, I knew I needed to get back to the hotel and go to sleep! There are always fun things happening the next day!

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