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Top 5 Moments from my Birthday Trip to Disney!

I cannot believe my birthday was a week ago! I typically share my Disney Vacations like a daily itinerary, but I decided I would show you my top five moments from this trip. Come along on my journey!

Champagne, Champagne and more Champagne: When I tell you I am a champagne and brunch kind of girl, I am not lying! One of my favorite things about the International Food and Wine Festival is the additional Champagne House they bring in. They serve, Moet, Veuve and Dom Perignon! This year I took full advantage of the champagne!

International Food and Wine Festival: I love how Epcot celebrates my birthday by having 40 food kiosks of food, wine and beer! The Food and Wine Festival is my favorite time to go to Disney because the food is out amazing and the champagne is flowing (clearly...see above!). Mom and I were able to check off 28 of the booths, which I think is a new record for us! Most of the food was amazing, a few were just okay, but there was only one we were really disappointed by. Just looking at the photos makes me hungry and I now want to go back and have more!

My Birthday Cake! A friend of mine told me I needed to go to Amorette's Patisserie and get one of their cakes for my birthday. We headed over to the Patisserie on our first night there and I wasn't willing to spend $60 on a large cake, that I would not eat within the four days I was there. So, I found this mini version, which was the perfect size. It is a chocolate chiffon cake with some crunchy pieces in it. This cake was $8 and also came in a few other characters! If you order the full-size cake, you can choose more characters and the flavor of the cake. We also had the pumpkin creme brûlée and it was also amazing! If you are at Disney Springs, definitely check them out!

I got to ride in a Minnie-Van! Recently Disney started their own Lyft Service and I have been seeing the cars on my past few trips and I have really wanted to take one! They are WAY more expensive than a regular Lyft, but with the normal Disney Transportation, I have never had a reason to take one....until this trip! Our travel plans on Friday did not go as expected, so after we did our first check in at Epcot, Mom and I decided to use the Minnie-Van Service to head over to Disney Springs. This was the most comfortable I have ever been while riding Disney Transportation and I will say it was worth every penny! It also matched my shoes!

I was able to spend time with some of my favorite people! The best part of the trip was being able to spend time with Mom and some of my favorite Disney characters! I took full advantage of getting to Magic Kingdom before the park opened and hit all of the princesses with a very short wait! We then headed over to visit Goofy and Donald which was also very short line! The meet and greets were a lot of fun and the princesses talked a to about food!

This was a great trip and I can't wait to plan my next trip to Disney!

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