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Star Wars Dark Side 10k Recap

After marathon weekend I took some time to make sure I was healthy and back to 100% before training for this race. As you have seen in prior posts, I was cleared by the doctor and started running. I'm not sure how I angered Mother Nature during this training cycle, but due to weather I was only able to run twice between when I was cleared to race day. I was very anxious coming into this race because I have typically run more than half of the distance prior to the race. Yes, you read that right, I had only run 3 miles (twice) before coming into this race!

I had one other concern coming into this race and that was the weather. Florida is typically very warm during this time of the year, which it why we chose to run the 10k and not the half or the challenge. I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up on race morning and it was in the 60s. This is still warmer than any temps I have run in recently, but it was lovely and allowed me to wear my cape the way I wanted to!

Mom and I boarded the second bus that was leaving All-Star Sports and arrived at the start like pretty early. After going through bag check we ran right into the pre-race photo opportunities. They had BB-8, Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren all out and the lines were pretty long. I decided I would go ahead and get in the line for BB-8 because he is my favorite. We were probably in line for about 15 minutes and after the photo was taken Mom and I decided we would head over to the corrals and get our spots!

Me and BB-8

Mom and I with BB-8

Captain Phasma

As we were walking over to the corrals the DJ started playing a version of the Imperial March that I have never heard before. Check out the club mix in the video below! I had a friend who was in our corral, so I spent some time looking for her to come into the corral, but Run Disney did a great job of keeping everyone entertained! They showed several video clips, did some interviews with the runners and even showed an exclusive clip from the new Hans Solo movie. Before I knew it corral D was up next and it was time to go!

The Start Line

Imperial March Club Mix

Mom and I at the Start

Here we go!!

I have run enough Run Disney races to be familiar with the race course, but this time I was at a loss because this was a brand new course for me. We started in the Magic Kingdom and ran to Epcot. I wasn't sure how I was going to like the course, since the first 3 miles were on a main road, but I have to say this is probably my favorite 10k course at Disney! They had some of the Star Wars movies playing on the main road of the course so you could turn your attention to something other than running! After the first 3 miles you started heading into Hollywood Studios which is where the characters started. We ran through Hollywood Studios, over to The Boardwalk and then into Epcot. There were only a few places that were bottlenecked, but they weren't really bad. Running through Epcot was amazing, as always, and thankfully it didn't smell like bacon this time! Between the photos I took, and the Disney PhotoPass, I ended up with some pretty epic photos! Check them out!

The Force Awakens on the Big Screen

Darth Maul as we were Entering Hollywood Studios

Tower of Terror

Mom and I in Hollywood Studios

Saying hi to the camera!

Selfie on Sunset Blvd.

Sunset Blvd.

Running through Hollywood Studios

Getting Ready to Leave Hollywood Studios

Sorcerer Mickey on the way to Epcot

Entering Epcot

Mom and I in Epcot

Can you tell I am excited about going to Canada in the fall??

I found Figment! And Spaceship Earth!

Storm Troopers in Epcot

Mom and I coming out of Epcot

Mom and I found a Storm Trooper at the Finish Line!

Crossing the Finish!

I have no idea what is going on here!

Typically after we finish Mom and I head directly to the busses and head back to the hotel. This time we were feeling really good and decided to see what all was going on at the finish line! To my surprise, they had brought the characters to the finish line and even added in Vader. I knew this was the only chance I had to do a photo with Captain Phasma, so mom and I got in line! The wait time wasn't super long and the photos are probably some of the best post race photos I have! After the photo with Captain Phasma we headed back to the hotel and had breakfast!

Mom and I in line for our photo!

Captain Phasma and I

Captain Phasma, Mom and I

A close look at the 10.7 oz medal! This thing is heavy!

Our breakfast...including a Mickey Waffle!

This race made me miss racing and I cannot wait to keep running! I have a few other races coming up, check back for more race recaps! I also have two more days at Disney to post about! Let's see whats coming up!

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