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June's Favorites!

Wow, what a great month June was! It is now July and I am trying to figure out how we are already half way through 2019! I know June was a big month for me, so I wanted to share with you the top items you enjoyed throughout the month of June!

1. Purse Organizer from Amazon: I knew this was going to be a hit from the moment I posted it. This is the second month it has been a top product and I'm so glad everyone is loving it! The organizer comes in 4 different sizes and 11 different colors. The price ranges from $17 - $28 depending on size and color!

2. Aerie Breezy Shorts: I don't know what has been going on lately, but I am all about a super comfy pair of shorts. I found these at Aerie and they are just amazing! I initially grabbed them to to go over this swimsuit, during a try on, but they are so soft and so perfect for summer! They come in a four different color options and are currently on sale for $17! You can't go wrong with these shorts!

3. Willow Babydoll Dress: I am definitely not surprised that this dress is on the list because it is just so pretty. I partnered with Dress Up, a local boutique here in Atlanta, and did a couple of try on sessions with some of my favorite items. This dress is a bit oversized, which it is meant to be, and comes in two different color options. This white one would be so perfect for any brides to be and there is also a navy. The dress is $38!

4. Aerie Cut Out Swimsuit: I did a post in June about body positivity, which included a picture of me in a swimsuit. That hasn't happened in a very long time, especially without shorts on. The response to the post was so positive that it made me so happy! This super cute swimsuit, which you can also see above, is from Aerie and comes in several different colors and designs! It's currently on sale for $32!

5. Bracelet from Victoria Emerson: Victoria Emerson is a new brand for me, but I learned about her after being accepted into RewardStyle. Her brand was part of the LTKDay Sale, which took place a few weekends ago, so I shared a few pieces of her line. The response was amazing and even though I haven't shared it on Instagram yet, this is the bracelet I snagged from the sale. Her bracelets range from $29-$49 and she has several sales. If you are looking for some cute accessories, definitely check her out!

6. Carter Pleated Blouse from Dress Up: This top is another item that I was not surprised about being on this list. I only shared this top a few days ago, but so many people are loving it and talking about how perfect it will be for the 4th! I believe this top would be perfect for the 4th, but would also be a great piece to go from summer into fall! Maybe even the winter if you live in a warmer climate! The top is $29!

If you are loving any of these top sellers for May, I will link them all here so you can shop them directly from this post!

Now, as we head into the month of July, the focus on the blog is going to shift to the Nordstrom Sale! This is a huge event and be on the lookout for a blog post later this week sharing everything you need to know about the sale! If you have any questions for me, regarding the Nordstrom Sale, please put them in the comments, so I can address them in the post!

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