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Happy National College Colors Day!

College Football is back and I am here for it! I was so excited to rock my Orange and Blue last Friday and Saturday, while cheering on my Florida Gators! If you didn't know, today is National Wear Your College Colors Day, so I wanted to put together a guide of some of my favorite shops where I purchase gameday gear! I made sure that not everything is Orange and Blue this year, but I will tag all of the sites and also provide direct links for the items I can pull through Like to Know!


Tailgate has become my favorite place for college gear! They are owned by American Eagle and they just put out amazing, unique, pieces each year! A lot of their tops are super soft and they are so durable. They represent 46 different universities, so if you are looking for some cute gamely gear, I would definitely start at Tailgate!

Gameday Couture

Gameday Couture is another one of my favorite boutiques to shop at for football apparel! They have nailed women's gameday fashion as everything is chic and on trend! They represent 88 colleges and all of their pieces are just so cute!

Vineyard Vines

We all know I'm a sucker for Vineyard Vines, so I thought it was brilliant when they came out with a collegiate line. The line is t-shirts, ties, some Shep Shirts and some long sleeved shirts. They carry a minimal collection online, but if you have a store near you, I would definitely check there for the best selection. All of the items will be listed under the men's portion of the store/site, so just make sure you know your unisex size!

Altar'd State

I love that more stores are getting on board with carrying team gear for women! The more options we have, the cuter we get to be, right?! I saw some of the super cute pieces from Altar'd State, here in GA, so when I spent the week in FL I made sure to swing by the local store and see what UF items they carried! The salesperson looked at me like I was crazy when I told her I traveled from GA to look at their selection! I will tell you, a lot of their shirts are cropped, but it would be really easy to layer a tank under them if you aren't okay with the length!

Kickoff Couture

Kickoff Couture is another boutique that is nailing the collegiate apparel! They don't use any of the actual college logos on their items, but the way they put their own spin on everything makes the items even cuter! They represent about 15 different universities and all of their pricing is super reasonable! I haven't ordered anything from them yet, but there is a shirt I am eyeing, so I will let you know more soon!

Victoria Secret Pink

I've been shopping the collegiate apparel line from Victoria Secret Pink for years now! Some of my cutest and most complimented Gator tops are from Pink! They also make sure to make their mark and create unique pieces! They also add some workout pieces to each collection, so you can represent your school while being active!


I was a little shocked when I was surfing through Target's website and they had a collegiate line! I know there is always a team section in the stores, but I didn't realize they had them online as well! They don't have a lot of items, but the items they have are super cute! The prices are reasonable and look like they would be really comfy for gameday!

Live Love Gameday

If you love football, but don't have a team affiliation, Live Love Gameday is the site for you! They have super cute bags, tees, sweaters, etc. that all celebrate the sport of football. If you are a mom of a football player, they even have tees for you! I've never ordered from the site, but all of the tops are cute and the prices are reasonable! These tops are so cute for gameday!

I'm hoping I haven't overwhelmed you with all of the collegiate apparel, but I wanted to make sure you had a variety of options for whichever team you are rooting for! If you are rocking your college colors today, comment below with your favorite team! Go Gators!

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Great ideas for being cute & comfy while watching your favorite team.. I really think these will all look great in Crimson and White :-).. ROLL TIDE

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