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Adventures in North Georgia - Painting Christmas Trees at All Fired Up!

Happy Sunday Friends! How many of you remember spending the holidays with your family, going to your grandparents home and seeing this tree on their table?!

My grandmother has had this tree someplace in her home for my entire life and it is just something that makes the holidays a little extra special. I started looking for a tree like this last year, but a lot of people consider them "vintage" and can start at $90 and go up from there. I was going to ask my grandmother for hers when my Mom found a local paint studio who was having a paint night with the same trees. We both immediately decided we wanted to do this and we also had a friend who really wanted one as well.

We all met up for a pre-painting dinner at Smokejack in Alpharetta for some delicious dinner. The event started at 7 p.m. and we arrived about 15 minutes before it started. It is BYOB, so feel free to bring any beverage you would like to have while you paint. They checked us in and then brought us the ceramic trees we had pre-ordered. I bought the 13" tree and my mom ordered the HUGE 18" tree. There were over 60 different colors you could use to paint the tree and you could choose any color you wanted. One person painted theirs baby pink, another painted hers blue and there were also a few who went for a white tree. Mom went with a standard green and I chose a specialty green that will show a few different shades of green after it has been glazed and baked. We started by painting our bases and then moved on to the tree, which took a surprising amount of times due to all of the crevices. As I started to paint mine, I questioned whether or not the color was right because I had a grey tree. The person who was over the party assured me it would come out exactly like I wanted, so I chose to believe her. A few other people used the same color I did and we all agreed our trees were grey!

You can see the process through the photos below and I will be posting a final photo of the trees when we get them back. They are having a few other Christmas classes coming up: one is painting a different tree with acrylic paint and the other is holiday pallet paining. We may be back to paint a few more things, but I will update with everything we do and the final pieces!

Our trees before the painting began!

My tree base

First layer looks grey, right?!

All four coats on my tree!

All four coats on Mom's tree!

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