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Outfit of the Day - The Most Comfortable Loafers!

Happy Sunday Friends! Today was a great day as there was a lot of lounging around, some pumpkin coffee and the normal Sunday errands. Mom and I went to Cheeky's for lunch, which is one of our favorite places to eat, and then did our grocery shopping and started to get everything together for the upcoming week. I shared the booties I got from Target on Friday's post, but I also wanted to share this adorable gold loafers. These loafers are also from Target and they are less than $30. I briefly shared them in my post yesterday, but they are too cute not to be shared again. The shoes come in two different colors, gold and black, and I would stick with your normal size. I wore them all day today and they are some of the most comfortable loafers I have worn. The black loafers are only available in limited sizes, but the gold loafers are available in all sizes. The company who makes these loafers, A New Day, also makes an Oxford which come in black and silver and they have the same sole as these. I will link everything below and I cannot wait to wear these loafers with more outfits! I hope everyone has a great week!

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