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Outfit of the Day - Day One of Lakes

I know you have probably seen enough teal blue lakes from me at this point, but I'm not quite done! I want to share my outfit with you from our first day of adventuring in Banff! Because we were going up to the glacier, I knew I needed to stay warm and layers were the key to this! I had purchased this top from Aerie a few weeks before the trip and it is the same sweater as the orange one from the last post, but this one is way softer. The top is called the Plush Hometown Sweatshirt and is comes in five different colors. The material is so soft and it is the perfect weight for living in the south. Now, if you do live in a colder climate, you could put a long sleeve top underneath and you would still be comfortable. All of the Aerie tops are currently on sale! This top is typically $44.95 and is currently on sale for $31.96. Unlike the other top, I would stay true to size in this one! You will definitely want to own more than just one, they are just that soft! My jeans were the thickest jeans I took with me, which didn't mean much when those gusts of wind were coming through the glacier. They are from Old Navy and I picked them up for $15 before leaving on the trip. They are the rockstar, super skinny cut, and they always run true to size. Old Navy has been having some great deals over the past few weeks, so I would definitely check their site for some sales! I have mentioned in another post that my scarf is old, but I have found a similar one at Nordstrom. My boots are not shown in the photo, but I did link similar ones as they haven't been available since I received them for Christmas a few years ago! My sunglasses are from Goodr and are part of a new runway collection. Mine are the Breakfast Run to Tiffany's and with a name like that, how can you not buy them?! They are lightweight and polarized, everything I get from my Maui Jims, minus the price! I will link everything below, but definitely take a look at the tops, you will love wearing them!

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