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Perfect Pajamas

I am a pretty basic girl when it comes to pajamas. I am typically in shorts and a tank top all year round because it is what I'm most comfortable in when I sleep. When I started looking at the weather for our trip, I quickly realized I needed some pajamas that would be more suited for the cold weather. I stumbled upon this set, from Nordstrom, and was immediately drawn to them. They are made by J. Crew and luckily were on sale. I had convinced myself I was going to swing by my local store and pick them up after work, then I started reading the reviews. The reviews were so mixed, some said they were great, others said it was the itchiest fabric they have ever put on, at this point I started questioning my decision and started looking elsewhere.

As I continued to look I noticed I wasn't liking the look of the pajamas or they were over $100, which isn't a price I wanted to pay. I went back onto Nordstrom and decided I would order them online for in store pickup and would try them on before we left. When I got them home I was shocked by how soft the pajamas are. I put on the set and immediately fell in love. The reviews had advised to size down, but I stuck with my normal size and was so glad I did. They are made from a light fabric, so they were really easy to pack and didn't take up much room.

They are currently back to normal price, which is $95, but if you keep an eye out at Nordstrom or J. Crew you can possibly grab them during a sale. They also have a version for summer, which has shorts and a short sleeve button up top. This specific set comes in two additional colors, white and light blue. I was so happy I purchased these before my trip, especially when I woke up on Sunday morning to snow! If you are looking for some new pajamas, definitely give these a look!

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