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Happy College Colors Day!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, this weekend is the start of college football and I am so excited! I have grown up watching football from Thursday night to Monday night and this is my favorite time of year! The last Friday in August is known as College Colors Day and this is the day I pull the Florida Gator Orange and Blue out of my closet! I want to share some of my favorite stores for college football apparel that isn't the same clothing as everyone else! My posts will be all in Orange and Blue, but these stores carry the majority of teams!

Tailgate: This shop is currently my favorite place to shop for college football gear! Tailgate is owned by American Eagle. I have purchased a few tops from here and and they are some of the softest tops out there. It definitely doesn't feel like your standard cotton t-shirt. I currently have a t-shirt and a tank, but these sweatshirts are looking really good to me right now! Below are just a few of their items, but there are so many more options for you to choose from. They also make unique products for men and women, so shop for everyone in your family! I am going to link the page that shows all of the schools and you can shop from there!

College Vault: I am new to College Vault, but I know some other bloggers who have ordered product from them and have loved them! They use more of the traditional school logos, but the shirts are super soft and comfortable to wear. I love how the shirt fits are more modern and look like tops you would find in boutiques. College Vault is owned by Fanatics, which is a well known sports apparel company, and you can buy gear. for everyone: men, women, kids, etc! I will link the site and just hover over the teams tab to find your favorite team!

Hillflint: This shop has my dream football apparel! They market themselves as high-quality sports apparel for the modern fan and I want every piece of it! Hillflint makes collegiate sweaters and they are on the higher price point than everything else on this list. I have always loved a good sweater and when you add in my favorite college, it just becomes even better. I believe Hillflint has the most schools to choose from and the prices range from $70 - $265! If you are looking for a cashmere college sweater, this is your place! They also have a line of sweatshirts that look just as amazing as the sweaters! I will link the page that shows all of the schools, so choose your favorite and start shopping!

Altar'd State: I typically shop Altar'd State for everyday clothing, so when I got an email about a game day line I got super excited! They have tees, tanks, hats and bracelets for your college or state! If you don't have an allegiance to one specific university, they do have a line of basic football tees or even state specific. I know the tees from Altar'd State are typically really soft, so I wouldn't expect these to be any different. They are right in line, price wise, compared to the other shops on here. I will link the game day collection as they don't break it down by school!

Gameday Couture: I found Gameday Couture a few years ago and has been in love with their items ever since. I love how they take the classic Florida logos and make them very fashionable and chic! I have a few Gator tops from here, but I also have a Navy one to wear during Army/Navy weekend! The striped, elbow pad, shirt is my favorite, but for some reason I haven't purchased it. I will link the team page, so you can find your team and start looking!

Kickoff Couture: I am going to be perfectly honest on this one, I have never shopped here. Kickoff Couture cam across my Facebook feed as a sponsored post and I immediately fell in love with some of the items. I mean, just look at these pictures below, how cute are some of these tops! I love how they take their own twist on logos! I will definitely be placing an order from here soon and I will definitely update y'all with my thoughts! As I did above, I will link the teams page to make it easier to shop!

I don't know about you, but I am ready to replace all of my game day apparel after looking at these sites. Since College Colors Day is one of my favorite days, I will share with you what I was wearing today! My shirt is from Victoria Secret Pink and was purchased 3-4 years ago. I also may have enjoyed my first official pumpkin spice latte today, which I always drink on College Colors Day!

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and watch as much football as possible! Comment below with you favorite team or favorite football snack!

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