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Outfit of the Day - Shark Week Edition!

Fun fact about me, I am obsessed with Shark Week! I have been watching show after show about sharks since last Sunday! I woke up this morning, turned on my TV and the Discovery Channel was showing I watched it while getting ready for work. A few days ago a show aired that merged Shark Week and Shark Tank. I am not a huge fan of Shark Tank, but they all teamed up with a shark research organization and pitched the other sharks to win money so they could donate it to the organization. Barbara partnered with the University of Miami Shark Research Lab and while she was learning about everything they do, she asked how they raise money for this program. They told her they sell their field shirts, among other item, and the money goes to the research programs.

Well, my Mom is a huge fan of the Miami Hurricanes, so when they said this her ears perked up. She immediately had me pull up the website and email her the link. She ordered two of their long sleeve field shirts and they arrived today. I was so impressed with the shirts that I decided to borrow them and do an outfit of the day post! The long sleeve field shirts are $65 and the t-shirts are $60. They are UPF 50 and are super comfortable. They are even vented on the sides and in the back, which is great for living in the south! If you want to order your own shirts, check out their website!

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