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Monday Motivation

About two weeks ago I posted a Monday Motivation post regarding a new clean eating program I started. Today marks the beginning of week three and I wanted to share how everything is going. I want to start with the bad and then end with the good things I have noticed on this. When I started this the first week was really easy, I stuck with the food prep and made sure everything was exactly how it should be. I did lose a little weight, but that isn't really what I am focusing on. I felt great during the first week, my energy was up, my fatigue was down and I wasn't having all of those thyroid symptoms that we hate so much. The second week I didn't stick to the plan as much as the first week, but I could feel the difference. This past weekend was the worst thing I could do and basically nothing I had was on the plan, until Dinner Sunday night, and I felt every ounce of the food I ate. Was the food I ate delicious, of course. Was it the best decision I made, probably not. But the winner for me was I didn't tear myself down about what I ate. I enjoyed the food, suffered through the side effects, and now I know it is time to get back on track! Happy Monday everyone, here is to a good week!

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