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Adventures in North Georgia - Gibbs Gardens

Happy Sunday Everyone! I am typically a girl who enjoys at least one rest day over the weekend, but this weekend that didn't happen. Today, after our run, Mom and I headed over to Gibbs Garden, which is not too far from our house, to start playing with the camera we bought to document our travels. We used to be a member at Gibbs, but we let is lapse a few years ago. Mom and I decided we would become members again because the gardens are just a beautiful way to spend a day. For today's trip, we only stayed along the bottom of the gardens. We did not go up to the Manor House, so those photos will come when we go again. I took so many photos with the new camera I am going to break the pictures down by garden and they are all going to be slideshows!

The first garden is the Waterlily Garden. There are five ponds that showcase 140 types of waterlilies in their natural environment. I almost had a photo of a frog on a lily pad, next to a waterlily, but he squealed and jumped before I could take the shot. I think I took the most pictures here, so take a look at them!

My Mom is a huge fan of Daylilies, so after exploring the waterlilies we headed to the one side of the property to check them out. I have rarely seen a daylily, but Gibbs has them all over and in so many different colors. Click through the gallery to see all of them!

We were headed over to the butterfly gardens, while taking in the amazing mountain views, when we were met by some other visitors who said the butterfly gardens weren't really there. As we were taking in the views I noticed a whole line of magnolia trees. I have a slight obsession with magnolia trees, so we walked down the paths until we reached the trees. There were few blooming, but I was able to get some great shots. We were even lucky enough to find a path back to the regular gardens.

After the magnolia trees we found ourselves in the Japanese Gardens. I find the Japanese Gardens to be very zen an calming. Mom and I found a bench, in the shade, and just sat for a few moments and took it all in. This was definitely the quietest garden we were in today, but it was just great to take it all in.

So, if you ever find yourself in North Georgia, like almost to the mountains, check out Gibbs Gardens. I will be going back soon, so the photos of the manor house will be coming. The flowers also change seasonly, so I will be going back and updating the blog with those as well!

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