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Adventures in North Georgia - "An Evening with Gregory Maguire"

I have lived in my city for about three years now and I am not really active in my community. I somehow stumbled upon a Facebook event, set up by our local library, for a book discussion and signing with Gregory Maguire. This event really peaked my interest because Gregory Maguire writes one of my favorite books, Wicked! I knew this was an event I needed to attend because I have read three books of the Wicked series and I would love to hear him speak.

The event was this past Thursday and even though I showed up about 30 minutes late (because of work) I was able to hear him speak about why he felt Elphaba (The Wicked Witch of the West) and Galinda needed a back story. He sang some of the songs from the show and also talked about how the Broadway show Wicked came to be. After his talk he took some questions and then it was time for the book signing.

I took my favorite Gregory Maguire book, which has Wicked and Son of a Witch in it, to have him sign. The one thing I didn't expect happening was so many people showing up to the event. I waited in the line for an hour and a half! I knew the wait was getting to people when they started talking about how Disney World at least gives you interactive games during your wait. The worst part about the wait was I had brought Mom along with me, so while I was waiting in line she was sitting in a chair waiting for me to be done. When I finally made it up to Mr. Maguire, he started a conversation about Wicked and then proceeded to tell me about his other books. I have to get his other books!

It was a great event and I will definitely be looking out for other events like these! Check out the photos from the event!

Mr. Maguire during his talk.

The book I brought to be signed.

During the signing

Me and Gregory Maguire

My signed book

If you are interested in events like this, check with your local library to see what book signings they might be putting on!

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