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Welcome to 2018!

Yea, I know, we are twelve days into 2018...but I have been on vacation so my official start of 2018 starts on Monday. I am one of those people who used to make "resolutions" but I could never stick with them. Last year I started setting goals, instead of resolutions, and this seems to be better for me. So here we are my goals for 2018!

1. Continue to Eat Healthy: In 2017 I started using Whole 30 as a guide to everyday eating. There were times when I did not adhere to the eating plan, and the holidays were really bad, but I am ready to get back on it. Mom and I are jokingly calling this round Whole 350 since we are starting on the 15th!

2. Fall Back in Love with Running: With marathon training in the second half of 2017, I found running to be more of a chore or a job and I hated going out for a run. After being out for the past three weeks and being at Marathon weekend, I can feel that passion for running coming back and I feel like I am ready to get back at it. I can't wait for 16th so I can get back out there again!

3. Focus on my Mental Health: In 2016 and 2017 I found out my anxiety is far more than I ever thought it was. Between some issues at work and health issues with the pup I found myself being in a high state of tension throughout most of my days. I want to spend 2018 working on my mental health to see how I can lower my anxiety and keep the tension down.

4. Read More: I have never been a person who read books, but my goal is to read 18 books in 2018. I don't have any special types or genre's of books I want to read, but I look forward to reading at least 18 books.

Now that I have put these goals out in the universe, what goals do you have for 2018?!

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