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What I Bought from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Happy Public Access Day Everyone!!! I'm so excited this day is finally here and I'm also really excited to share the items I purchased from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! When I posted my pre-sale picks blog post, I shared three main items I was looking for during this sale:

  • Riding Boots

  • Basics

  • Workout Gear

In case you wanted to know the status of the items I was shopping for... I did not purchase anything on this list! I went into the sale really hoping for these items, but struck out in the process. I know the try on sessions made it look like I purchased a lot of items, but I couldn't pull the trigger on a lot of the items. I had a hard time buying a lot of items for Fall when I am dying from the heat in Atlanta! I kinda felt bad about purchasing these items and just having them sit in my closet until I could wear them!

I decided to go with the items I couldn't live without I am absolutely obsessed with the items I purchased! I also really liked a few of my Mom's picks, so I stole them and included them in this post as well! I will start this post with my biggest surprise of the sale and will link everything fo you to have access tomorrow when the sale goes live!

1.State Ruched Sleeve Plaid Blazer

I grabbed this blazer at the last moment, as I was heading into the dressing room. My thought process was I will just try this on for work wear and I will put it back. Oh boy, was I wrong. I put this blazer on with a white sweater and immediately fell in love! I came out of the dressing room and told my Mom this will be my uniform for Fall. The blazer is my splurge purchase for the sale, as the sale price is $112.90. I also comes in a grey color that has some black and red in the plaid. The online sizes are limited, but I would check with your local store to see if they are in stock! I apologize, in advance, for the amount of time you will see me in this blazer!

The white tee is the $11.90 BP tee that is part of the sale. I didn't buy any new tees this year, as my tees are still in good condition from last year. The cute bag in the right pic is also part of the sale and is from Sole Society. The sale price is $45.90 and the leather is so soft!

BP Grandma Stitch Cardigan

I will call these two cardigans my "basics" from the sale, because this is as close as I got to basics. I am always a sucker for BP cardigans during this sale and a $35.90 price tag makes it a really easy purchase. This cardigan comes in three different colors and all three colors are currently in my house. My Mom bought the beige and I got the yellow and charcoal. The cardigans are a little heavier, but they will be so perfect for the fall and winter! All three colors are online and all three are fully stocked!

The white tee is the same BP tee in the pictures above. The last thing I want to share, which is not from Nordstrom, is the navy blue pearl headband! I know these hair accessories are really popular right now and this one is $8.99 at Amazon! There is also a coupon you can add to your purchase to reduce the price!

Caslon Side Snap Tunic Sweater

I had seen some bloggers try on this sweater and I really tried to stay away. On my way into the dressing room, for the second day of the sale, I saw the sweater and grabbed it real quick. This is one of the softest sweaters I put on and the length is amazing for jeans or leggings. The Caslon sweater's sale price is $49.90 and it comes in five different colors. I grabbed the beige one because I thought it would go with everything in my wardrobe.

I paired the sweater with the Spanx leggings and Nike React sneakers, in the right photo. The leggings and the sneakers are both also included in the sale! The Spanx leggings are my favorite purchase from last years sale and I run in the Nike shoes, so I didn't purchase them from the sale! The Spanx leggings are $64.90 and the Nike's are $111.90 during the sale! You will not be upset about anything you purchase from these photos!

Madewell Ryder Stripe Cardigan Sweater and Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Lite Circle Cardigan

Ok, these are two of the items I snagged from my Mother's closet. She picked out the Madewell Cardigan when we were at the store, before the sale went live. I told her this sweater would be a quick seller, and boy was I right. I was only able to grab it because I was on the site, right at 12:30 p.m., immediately added it to the cart and checked out. The sale price is $64.90 and is very soft and comfy. If you were looking to grab this sweater, I would keep checking the site and your local stores to see if anyone returns the sweater.

I have been keeping my Mom away from the area of the store, where the Barefoot Dreams section is located, but I was not able to hide it on day two. All it took was her to touch the sweater and she immediately took it off of the rack. This cardigan does come at a higher price, $76.90, but it is super soft and comes in a lot of colors. This cardigan is one I see bloggers talking about year after year when it comes to this sale. If you are looking to splurge on a cardigan, I would go with the Barefoot Dreams cardigan!

Cubic Zirconia Pendant Necklace

This was my last purchase of the sale and I couldn't pass it up. I saw Brittany, Loverly Grey, talk about this necklace on Instagram and I was on a mission to see it in person. I found it on the second day of the sale and they had several in silver and one in gold. I put on the silver first and was getting ready to pass on the necklace. I then put on the gold and knew it was going home with me. I love how simple and dainty the necklace is, and the best part, it's less than $20. The price on this necklace is $18.90 and it comes in gold, silver and rose gold.

Platform Converse with Rose Gold Details

When it comes to shoes, my Mom is one of the pickiest people out there. When we were perusing the sale, before I had access to the sale, my Mom came across these shoes and told me she would probably be getting them during the sale. I didn't think anything about them, so when the sale went live, I added them to my cart and made sure they were for in store pickup. Little did I know, the website crashed within the first 30 minutes of the sale. While I was waiting for the in store pickup to tell me they hadn't received the order, she went over to shoes to see if they had them. To her luck, they had one pair left in the store and they happened to be in her size. The Sunday after the sale went live, I went out to the site to ponder me buying the shoes and they were completely sold out. They were $46.90 and there are a few other options in the sale. If you had your eyes on these, keep checking online and in store to see if someone returns them.

The public access sale will go live at 12:30 p.m EST. today! You will have complete access to the online anniversary sale area, along with the ability to shop in store. Remember, these items have been made specifically for fall and will be heavily discounted for the next three weeks. If there is something you have been wanting, but it out of stock, keep checking the website and local stores and some items can be restocked or returned. If there is an item you are looking at, and you think it might sell out, go ahead and put it in your cart and check out. Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns, so placing multiple orders won't cost you anything in shipping! There are so many amazing items that are still available, I hope everyone has a great time shopping the #nsale! Happy Shopping!

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