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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

It is that time of year again....are we ready for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?! This sale is probably one of my favorite sales of the year, because it is pre-fall and winter items and they are all brand new! Talk about setting your fall wardrobe up for success! If you have been with me for the past few years, you know my blog and Instagram (@touchofsparkleblog_) becomes and one stop shop for all things #nsale!

Some of my favorite brands to shop during the sale are:

  • Madewell

  • Treasure & Bond

  • BP

  • TopShop

  • Adidas

  • Nike

  • Converse

  • Blondo

  • Tory Burch

  • Caslon

  • Steve Madden

I always gravitate towards cardigans, jeans, cute dresses, boots/booties, sneakers and the softest blankets you will ever buy! Last year, I even bought a dog sweater and it is by far my pup's favorite sweater! Now...let's get into all of the details for the 2022 sale!

Dates You Need to Know:

  • June 29th - The sale preview goes live on this date! You will be able to view every sale item and this is the time you want to start saving your must have items to your wishlist!

  • July 6th - Early Access for Icon Cardmembers

  • July 7th - Early Access for Ambassador Cardmembers

  • July 9th - Early Access for Influencer Cardmembers

  • July 15th - Sale is open for everyone!

If you are looking to gain early access to the sale, you will need to open a Nordstrom Card. I'm not saying this is something you need to do, but if you want to you can sign up here!

My Top Tricks for Shopping the Sale:

  1. Shop Early and Shop Fast! Go through the preview when the links go live and make a list of the items you want and add them to your wish list! Some of the sale items will sell out quickly, so if it is a high ticketed item, link your card to your Nordstrom account, before the sale, and immediately purchase the item! I had to make a few single item purchases last year to make sure I could secure the items I really wanted! Just because you have something in your cart doesn't mean it is being held. Someone can come in behind you and grab it!

  2. Pickup in Store! If you aren't sure about a size, see if your store has it in stock and opt for in store pickup. **Make sure you only do this on items that aren't a must have!** I did this with a few items last year, but the systems crashed at the beginning of the sale and the order did not get filled!

  3. Shop Smart! This sale can get really overwhelming, so just make sure you go through the sale preview and make a list of the items that are your must haves! This will make the sale go more smoothly and then you can go back and shop the rest of the sale after you have grabbed your most wanted items!

  4. Follow Me Throughout the Sale! I will be posting on here and on Instragram a lot about the sale! Anything I post will be linked directly through the app and will make it easy for you to shop!

How to Get Early Access:

This is probably the biggest question I get every year. If you want early access to the sale, make sure you have a Nordstrom Credit Card! Nordstrom bases how early you can shop on how much you spend per year. Even if you have the card, and only spend a small amount per year, you will be able to shop for a week before (Influencer Cardmember)! If you sign up for a card between now and early access, you will get a $60 Nordstrom Note to spend at the Anniversary Sale. Click here to sign up for the Nordstrom Credit Card.

Before I end this post, I want to share some of my favorite items from the sale! These are items that typically come back each year! Swipe through to check them out!

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