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Target's 20 Years of Design!

Have you been like me, standing outside of a Target store, on a Saturday morning, waiting for it to open because your favorite designer collection is launching at Target? I have done this for Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, Hunter and the multi-designer holiday collection a few years back. I love when big designers collaborate with Target and bring amazing pieces to an affordable price point!

To celebrate 20 years of designer collaborations, Target is releasing the 20 years of design collection this Saturday (9/14)! What does this mean? Target has partnered with 20 designers, which they have partnered with before, to bring out a huge collections of accessories, bags, homewares and clothing! I know you may be asking yourself, who are the designers and let me share them with you:

I have gone through all of the items online and let me tell you, these pieces are GOOD! Almost all of the items are under $100 and I will tell you the majority of items are under $60! This collection is sooooo good and I cannot wait until these are available! I pulled some of my favorite pieces or looks from the collections and wanted to share them with you! Everything I am posting here is $100 or less!

Remember, the sale starts on September 14th, which is this Saturday! I'm sure there will be lines at the stores and items online will sell out pretty quick! If there is a certain designer you are looking for, you can use this tool and see what designers each store will carry! If you want to look through the entire collection, to see which items call your name, click here and you can browse everything!

If you have already gone through everything on the site, or are headed to do that now, comment below with what designer or what item, you are excited for the most! Happy Shopping!

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