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Nordstrom Sale Try On!

On Thursday, Nordstrom opened the #NSALE to all of their card members for early access! I'm not going to lie, I had my laptop ready at 9:30 a.m. when the sale went live and sadly almost all of my wishlist was sold out! At first I was a little shocked, but then started to realize I needed to change my mindset to focus on the items I would actually need and want as we head into Fall.

I wasn't able to go to a physical store, until today, so I made the most of it and did a small try on. I didn't want to pull a ton of items, because I wasn't sure about how many of the items I would end up purchasing! With everything that is going on, I didn't want to be in the dressing room for a long period of time or have to be interacting with the sales person for a long period of time!

In this post, I am going to share the items I tried on, along with the items I purchased! I have stayed true to my word and every item is under $100! There will be a secondary post sharing the items I purchased and how I will style them! So, let's get started!

I clearly have a love obsession with Madewell, which you will see throughout this post and the upcoming post! I fell in love with this dress last weekend, when I went into the store, but couldn't convince myself that I needed to buy it! Let's be real, I have my fair share of dresses! I pull it in the store, this time, to see if it was worth the $80 and it was! But there is one big issue with this is cut really small! I had already sized up one size and it wouldn't zip! If you have been eyeing this dress, I would size up two sizes to make sure it zips! It is the cutest dress and I think adding the cardigan really transitions this dress into the fall! The cardigan is super soft, the perfect weight for fall and comes in a few solid colors and a striped option! It is $59.90!

I can easily tell you that I am obsessed with two of the three items in this look! All three pieces are from Madewell and they are all under $100! Let's break this look down and start with these black jeans! I am typically a person who only wears blue jeans, but these are easily my new favorite jeans. They run true to size, have a good amount of stretch, are comfortable to wear and are $84.90. Did I buy them today? No, but let me explain! I really tried to talk myself into these, as I do love them, but I live in FL and will probably be working from home well into January! I may watch these to see if they go on sale at another time, when I can justify buying them. Another item I am obsessed with, this camo jacket! I don't know why, but I have been all about the camo lately. I would size up one, as this one does run a little small. The fabric is not too heavy and the cost is $89.90. If I hadn't just recently bought a camo jacket, I probably would've come home with this one. Who knows, I may decide later to buy it! The last piece of this look is this off white button up. I really wanted to love this top, and it is really cute, but the fit on me was very odd. The top is $49.90 and is currently fully stocked!

So, this look was not something I originally pulled, but Mom wanted me to try on the cardigan, so I quickly pulled a few items, to complete the outfit, and I truly love this look! The cami is from Halogen and is only $24.90! It runs true to size, comes in a few color and print options and is so perfect to wear now and it will transition into fall! The cami would even be really cute under a blazer, for a great workwear look! Now, this cardigan is what soft dreams are made of! It is from Halogen, is super lightweight and is so soft. There are a few different color options available, it is under $50 and did I mention it is super soft?! The cardigan would look so cute paired with shorts or dresses, so you can wear it now, but it would easily transition into Fall as well! Last item of this look is these jeans! They are from KUT from the Kloth and I fell in love with their jeans during the sale last year. They are under $60 and run true to size!

This is another look that was put together because my Mom wanted me to try it on. Can you tell she is not a fan of dressing rooms?! I'm starting to think she purposely puts me in these items because they are so soft and comfy. This sweater is from Halogen, is made from similar material as the cardigan above and has the cutest button details on the wrist. There are several color options for this sweater, it runs true to size and is under $30! The jeans are the same as the ones in the picture below!

Y'all didn't think I was going to leave out athletic wear, did you?! Another year of the sale and I am again in love with Zella! I saw this tank on Brittany, Loverly Grey, and when I saw it today I immediately grabbed it! When I tell you it is soft, I wish they had it in every color, because I would've bought it! I would say to stick with your normal size and it is $24.90! The Zella leggings speak for themself! They are soft, amazing and super flattering when you have them on! They are still fully stocked and are $42.90!

Well, we have now made it through the try on, now let's get to the items that were purchased! I will make sure all of the items are linked and will discuss each item below!

  1. Blondo Waterproof Hiking Boots: I shared these on Instagram last week as they were my Mom's pick in shoes! Let me tell you, y'all have loved these! They are one of my best sellers from last week! They come in two different colors, size down a half size and they are under $100!

  2. Treasure and Bond Longline Cardigan: This cardigan was not initially on my wish list, but fell in love immediately when I saw it. I actually fell in love with the white version, but a girl only needs so many white cardigans, so I bought it in this really pretty olive color. There are four color options available, it's under $50 and I can give you more info on it when I get it in the mail!

  3. Nordstrom Bliss Plush Throw: Building a new home, I was all over the home stuff! The color scheme of the new house is completely different than the last one, so I made sure to grab these blankets. They are one of the softest blankets in this sale, comes in several different colors and the best's under $25!

  4. Zella Splits Ribbed Tank: I talked about this one above! It is the softest workout tank and there are several color option. It runs true to size and is under $25!

  5. Steve Madden Kaylah Booties: This was another one that was not on my wish list, to be truthful, I've never bought boots from the Nordstrom Sale. I saw these in the store last week and immediately fell in love. I tried them on, hoping to not like them, and that 100% backfired! There are 4-5 different color options of the boots, they run true to size and are under $100!

  6. Madewell Front Knot Top: I found this top on Wednesday night and was immediately intrigued! Of course, I fell in love with the white sweater, but decided to get the navy blue one because navy is my favorite color! There are five different color options, it is under $25 and everything says it runs true to size!

  7. Madewell Kent Strip Cardigan: This cardigan caught my eye when I first went through the sale preview, so I put it on my wish list. I then found another option, that had different colored stripes and was about $20 less, so I took it off. I ended up coming back to this one when the sale opened because I just couldn't get over these colors! This cardigan would be similar to the one in the first outfit above as far as fit goes. It is $59.90 and the reviews say it runs true to size!

  8. Converse All Star Lift Ox Platform Sneaker: I was surprised to see these in my local store last weekend, but after my regret of not grabbing the ones in last years sale, I immediately asked for my size. They are so cute, so comfy, and definitely adds a few inches in height. I would size down a half size in these sneakers and they are under $50!

  9. Nordstrom Cubic Zirconia Pendant Necklace: I grabbed this necklace during the sale last year and it has been a pleasant surprise. After mine has held so well, Mom decided she wanted one this year and picked the rose gold version. The best part about this necklace, it is $15.90!

  10. Halogen V-Neck Camisole: This is another one I mentioned above! If you live in the south, and there are no signs of fall, this is the cami for you! It can easily be worn now and will be the perfect piece to transition into fall. This one is another piece that is under $25!

I definitely think I had more success with the sale this year, compared to the past two years. Trying to base this sale on the basics I will want and need going into fall was a great way to approach this sale! There will be one or two more #NSALE post from me as we head into the general sale opening! The sale will open to everyone this week, so if there is something you want to purchase, you can go directly through the links I have provided in this post!

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