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National Swimsuit Day...A Day Late!

Apparently National Swimsuit Day was yesterday and I missed it! I'm a little sad because I have been working on a swimsuit post for summer and I missed the best day to post it! No problem, I will just post it a day later!

I am typically not the person who would do this post, as I haven't been in a swimsuit is probably 10 years. I decided I would bit the bullet and decided to try on and purchase a swimsuit! I was so glad I did because I found some super cute ones out there!

I am going to share some of my favorite swimsuits with you and I am going to break them up by store! Some places are having some really great sales for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend! As always, all items can be shopped by clicking on the photos!


If you know me, you know I love Aerie! They are having a huge sale on their site right now and everything is between 40%-60% off! All of the swimwear is 50% off and they have some of the cutest swimsuits I've ever seen! The best part of this sale, you can buy swimwear and other amazing clothing items!


I'm new to the realm of Walmart, but I have purchased a super cute swimsuit from them recently! They aren't having a sale, but almost all of these suits are under $25! With that price point, you can purchase multiple suits to get you through the summer!


Target will always be included here because they have some seriously cute swimwear! They are currently having a sale on their swimwear and the majority of items, even one piece suits, will be under $30! You cannot go wrong, they all look so cute!


For the first time, I am adding some Amazon products for you! I'm not going to lie, there are a few of these that I really want to purchase because they are so cute! I believe the majority of them are available on Prime and almost all of them are under $30! My one thought with Amazon, make sure to read the reviews so you can size accordingly!

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May 23, 2019

Target always has the best bathing suits! I need to give Amazon a try this summer though, I've heard so many great things!



May 23, 2019

Great suits! Loads of variety. And excellent price points. Will definitely check out Aerie. Saw some great items.

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