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My Pre-Sale Picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

I was ready to come on here and lay out all of my picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. But I should've known Nordstrom would not release everything I wanted them to release prior to the sale. I did mention, in my other post, that they will not release all of the items until the sale goes live!

I was able to snag a few sneak peaks, so I would like to share some of my favorite items from what I have seen so far!

After going through the items above, let me share my favorites and what their prices will be on sale day!

  • Adidas Swift Run Sneakers: Sale Price $63.90 | After Sale Price: $85.00 I bought last years version of these sneakers during the sale last year, in two different colors, and they are amazing! The ones from last year are true to size and are great for everyday wear! If you are shopping for a great pair of sneakers, definitely consider these! (Nike also includes some shoes in the sale, so if you are a Nike girl, they will have some options for you!)

  • Zella Leggings: Sale Price: $42.90 | After Sale Price: $65.00 I missed these during last years sale, but they have some seriously amazing reviews! The leggings are high waited and are great for all different activities! If you are expecting I know they do have these leggings in maternity and again, they have rave reviews!

  • ASTR Plaid Flannel Coat: Sale Price $96.90 | After Sale Price: $145.00 If you know me, you know I love plaid! This flannel coat is the cutest thing I've seen and I am a little obsessed! I've heard great things about this label, so I will definitely try it on and let you guys know what I think! If you've checked out the sale catalog, you know they have an entire plaid section and they have so many pretty items!

  • Topshop V-Neck Sweater: Sale Price: $44.90 | After Sale Price: $68.00 I'm always a sucker for the sweaters during this sale and this one from Topshop is so cute! I love the v-neck and from what I have gathered, it does come in a few different colors. I'm not sure about how it will fit, but it's something I will grab to try on!

  • Madewell Cardigan: Sale Price: $64.90 | After Sale Price: $98.00 I know this cardigan was a big seller last year and I don't see anything changing this year! I love a good cardigan and this one looks like one that will take you from fall, to winter and even into spring! The price point is great and I believe this one also comes in different colors as well!

  • T3 Hair Dryer: Sale Price: $155.00 | After Sale Price: $235.00 I have previously shared my love of the T3 Hair Dryer in a blog post back in May! I found mine even cheaper than this one, but the sale price on this is amazing! I love the grey color with the rose gold details of this one! If I didn't already have one, I would seriously consider adding this one to my cart as soon as the sale started!

I feel like I didn't shop the sale well last year, so I am working on my list of my must have items for this year! I think making a list will make it easier to shop the sale! So far, the items at the top of my list are:

  • Riding Boots I had to get rid of both of my riding boots after this past winter! I'm hoping to be able to snag a great pair of riding boots at a great price during this sale!

  • Basics BP always has basics (short sleeve t's, long sleeve t's, sweaters and cardigans) for an amazing price. I believe the short sleeve t's last year were $8-$11 and some of their sweaters were less than $20! I buy a few of their cardigans each sale because they are always a great add on to any outfit and come in great colors!

  • Workout Gear My biggest regret from last year was not snagging one Nike tank that was part of the sale! I'm hoping they release a similar tank this year and I'm also going to be looking at the Zella leggings!

The list is still ongoing and I'm sure will change about 20 times until all of the sale items are released so I can what all is available!

Sadly, this is all I have to share with you today. My plan is to release one more post for the #nsale before I start showing the items I have purchased. As I stated in the previous post, for the most up to date information follow me on Instagram (@touchofsparkleblog_)! I will be sharing my try on from Friday there first!

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