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My Journey with FASTer Way to Fat Loss!

A Little Background:

I consider myself to be an open book, but I do have my limits about what I will discuss. What are my hard no's you may ask, well...they are religion, politics, money and my weight. I have seriously been blogging and sharing on Instagram for a little over a year now and I rarely ever talked about my weight, or what struggles I was going through with my weight.

I have always been on the heavier side, even while being a competitive cheerleader, and I feel like I have been on some kind of diet the majority of my life. I have found some "quick fix" fad diets that had taken off some weight, but in time it would always come back with a vengeance. I really hated that part and would get really down on myself for it.

I really started to take my health seriously when I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis, about five years ago. I didn't like the answer that there was nothing the doctor's could do to treat it, so I read a lot of books and articles about what I could do to not make this diagnosis worse. This was the first time I did Whole 30, along with taking a lot of gluten out of my diet, which was a huge success for me. I did a few rounds before the success started to fade and I started to plateau.

At this time, I saw a fellow blogger posting about Faster Way and sharing her daily food intake and information about the program. I really thought about trying the program, but when I heard about intermittent fasting I immediately shut it down. I came up with excuse after excuse about why this program wouldn't work for me. I continued to watch this bloggers journey and her results were amazing, but I still could not convince myself that this program was for me.

Now, let's enter my friend Amberly! She is a Faster Way coach and she reached out to me about trying the program and being an affiliate. I took this as my sign that I needed to give this program a try, so within the next couple of days I registered myself as an affiliate and for the program! I started intermittent fasting a few weeks before the start of the program, which was amazing because I was able to slowly transition into the fasting schedule!

About the Program:

When you first register, you are registering for a six week session of Faster Way. You will intermittent fast for 16 hours a day (I eat between noon-8 pm). On the program you will carb cycle, eat whole foods, and there are workouts you can access through the Faster Way app. The first week is a prep week, so you are added to a Facebook group, and your coach will share daily videos about what you can expect during the rest of the program. You will have low carb days and regular macro days, which are super easy to follow, so don't worry!

Once you get through prep week your coach will post daily posts in the Facebook group that will take you through everyday of the program. I really thought this program would be difficult, but you will quickly become adjusted and it will become like a regular eating schedule to you.

The Faster Way app, which you will have access to once you sign up, has meal plans, grocery lists, recipe options and workouts. The workout are optional, and I did not do them because I was running and training for a race. If you do choose to do the program workouts, they can easily be done in your home with some weights and a yoga mat.


The program recommends to not step on the scale during the first 6 weeks and I tried really hard to abide by this. There were a few times that I did and I was shocked by the results. During the first 6 weeks I lost about 12 lbs. At the end of the first round I weighed less than I did in high school and felt amazing about it! I was also fitting in sizes that I hadn't worn in so long! There was still more I wanted to lose, but I knew if I could continue then the progress would continue!

If you go back up to the photos at the top of the post, this will show my success on the program. The first one was the week before prep week, the second one was towards the end of first 6 weeks, the third was taken in October and the last one was taken last weekend. It's when I put these pictures together I can see the differences and I feel so good about my accomplishments!

What Happens After the First Round?

I know 6 weeks seems like it would be a short term fix, but Faster Way offers a VIP Monthly program where you can continue the program. I joined VIP and continued the program and my successes. It was amazing to me how quickly this program became a normal meal plan for me. I made it through the holiday's on the program and I maintained my weight, which was amazing! I want to continue to share my results with you, so as time goes on, I will share my journey with you!

If you have any questions about the program, post them in the comments and I will definitely answer anything you have! If you are ready, the next round starts on March 2nd! You can use this link and sign up now!

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