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My Faves from the Vineyards Vines for Target Collection

If you know me, you know I have a serious obsession with Vineyard Vines! I always love going into their store and looking through all of their tees, dresses, shorts and shep shirts. I always try to shop their sales racks, because they can sometimes be a little pricey, but there are occasions when I find an item I can't live without!

When I heard Target was going to do a collaboration with Vineyard Vines, I was beyond excited. I loved the Lilly collection for Target, so I knew this collaboration would not disappoint. I decided to check out all 300+ items on the Target website, and I'm not gonna lie...I want it all! There are items that I don't even have a need for, but I want them! I have chosen my favorite items from the collection and have linked each item below. I did go through all of the items, but my likes are mainly women's, homewares and outdoor summer accessories. They do have clothing and accessories for men and children, so if you want to check out the whole line, click the picture below.

The Vineyard Vines for Target Collection will go live on Saturday, May 18th online and in stores. I did a little searching and there isn't anything that states what times the items will go live on the site, so it may be midnight or it may be later. If you have an account through, or crate one, you will be able to make a favorites list of the items and have an easier checkout! The prices for the collection start at less than $10 and go up to $100. Nothing exceeds the $100 mark. Now, let's check out my favorite items!

I am looking forward to the women's clothing the most and then there are a few additional "must have" items for me. I may even be that person who is waiting at the door on Saturday morning to get my hands on some of these items! Are you looking forward to this collection? Let me know in the comments if you are and what your favorite items are!

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