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Holiday Gift Guide - For the Jetsetter

Can you believe we are already in the holiday season?! I feel like it should still be October, but watching Disney transform into a Holiday Wonderland, I am so ready for the holidays! I can't wait to put up my tree, decorate my house and shop for some amazing gifts. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some holiday gift guides with you to provide some gifting inspiration.

Since I spent a good part of October traveling, I thought it would be fitting to make the first gift guide all about my can't live without travel items! I will link all of the items, so you can shop directly through this post! Let's get started!

1. Calpak Travel Wallet: I have been on the hunt, for years now, for the perfect travel wallet. I found this one about a year ago and knew this was going to be a must have item. The wallet comes in several different colors and also has a crossbody strap. There is also a fur strap included, so if you want to be a little stylish, while carrying the wallet, you have that option as well. The wallet provides RFID protection and costs $75! This is definitely a great pick!

2. Delsey Luggage: I have been sharing this luggage so much, but that is because I am obsessed with it! I purchased this luggage about 2 years ago and love how chic it is for traveling. The best part about this set is the options you have. There is a a 21" carry on bag, 24" and 28" checked bag, a backpack, tote bag, duffel bag, etc. You can have all of your luggage needs within this one set! I purchased mine from Macy's and they run some really good sales on this luggage!

3. Barrington Passport Cover: When I renewed my passport, for my trip to Banff, I immediately decided I wanted to cute cover. I found this one through Barrington and I am obsessed with everything on their site! The best thing about it, you get to customize this cover to exactly what you want! You select the background print, the stripes on the front, the monogram and the color of leather on the inside. The passport cover is $50, which I think is an amazing price since you get to customize it. One thing to note about this site, you will want to buy all the things! Just remember that I warned you!

4. Calpak Laptop Backpack: I received this backpack as a Christmas gift last year and I have used it so much! I not only use it for travel, but I use it everyday since I take my laptop with me everywhere. You can match the colors of the wallet and the backpack to make a cohesive set. The backpack is $105, but if you don't need a laptop bag, they do have a smaller backpack that is $75!

5. Makeup Bag: I shared this makeup bag on Instagram a while back, after I bought it during Prime Days. Even though it looks like a Louis Vuitton bag, it's not. It is a really good dupe that is $21.99. There are several different options for bags in the print, but I have definitely used this one so much in my recent travels.

6. Calpak Power Charger Luggage Tag: We all know how much we love our external phone charges, but this one takes convenience to a whole new level! It is a luggage tag and the charger is so small, it fits inside. I added it to my backpack during my travels, so I always had it with me. The charger is also small enough to put inside of the travel wallet when it is a crossbody! I did this when I was in Sedona and you couldn't even tell I had the charger! The power luggage tag is $32 and is available in several color and patterns. If you choose a solid color, you will also have an option of adding a monogram.

7. Calpak Packing Cubes: I love being super organized when I travel, so I was very excited when I got these in the mail. I have used these for both trips and the amount of organization is off the charts! On my last trip I used one for running clothes, one from hydration and the big one for all of my clothes. This set includes 5 pieces that will fit into your carry on and checked bags. The set is $59 and you also have your choice of color, as this set is available in 11 different colors or patterns.

I love all of these items and cannot wait to travel again so I can use them! So, if you are looking for the perfect gift, for the traveler in your life, check these out! Look out for more gift guides coming you way!

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