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Holiday Gift Guide - For the Homebody

I know I have only published one other gift guide, but this one might be my favorite! This gift guide is for the homebody and I want everything! As much as I like to be out and exploring, there is nothing better than being cuddled up on the couch, under a blanket, and watching a movie! If you are a homebody, or knows someone who is, check out these awesome gift ideas. All items are linked, so you can shop directly from the post!

1. Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker: I received a very similar Bose speaker for Christmas a few years ago and love it! Mine wasn't as tiny as this one, but I have been able to use it in the home, take it on the go and the sound quality is amazing. This speaker is not too much larger than a smart phone, has amazing sound quality, is bluetooth compatible and it waterproof. I feel like the price point is perfect at $99, as this is something you can use at home and away.

2. Woolzies Wellness Essential Oils Set: I have shared, several times, my love for essential oils. I use them to help with stress, anxiety and to even keep myself healthy. I found this wellness set a few years ago and cannot stop diffusing these. I know the intention is to only diffuse them during cold/flu season, but I diffuse these oils all year long. You get three scents in the box: immunity, cold stopper and germ fighter. I diffuse these while I sleep, but also during them at work or while I am cleaning. You can get them through Amazon for $14.99!

3. Anthropologie Bistro Monogram Mug: Does anyone else have a cabinet full of coffee cups and doesn't use a one of them?! Maybe that's just me, but I am a sucker for a cute mug. I have been looking at this one for months now and I just love the pattern. This mug is part of a set, so if you wanted to expand with the collection you could! The mug is currently on sale for $10, which is a great price for such a cute coffee mug!

4. Hydro Flask 12 oz Coffee Mug: Anyone else pour their coffee in the morning and then forget about it until it is cold?! I know my grandfather is notorious for reheating his coffee multiple times throughout the day, so why not have a cup that will help keep your coffee warmer, longer?! The mug holds 12 oz, it comes in three different colors and is currently $29.95!

5. Old Navy Micro Performance Fleece Pajama Set: I don't know about you, but I love a comfy pajama set! I tried this fleece pajama set on a few weeks ago and I am obsessed! You have three color options: a grey and white plaid, green and blue plaid and a red and white striped. I would say they run true to size and the price is $34.99. Now, Old Navy has been running some killer sales lately, so keep checking the site to get the best deal!

6. Nordstrom Frosted Plush Robe: A good robe is a must have gift for some of the women in my family! My grandmother and my mom both wear their robes all the time and a good robe is perfect for doing chores, getting ready or just chilling around the house. I knew I would be adding a robe to this gift guide, so I went out on a hunt for the softest and most comfy robe! This one is from Nordstrom and is decently priced at $79.The robe is very plush and the reviews say it is really warm! This would be perfect for anyone who lives in a cooler climate or who is just always cold!

7. Serene House Zodiac Teardrop Scentilizer Diffuser: This is not the first time I have shared this diffuser, and it definitely won't be the last. I picked this diffuser up during the Nordstrom Sale, over the summer, and have been obsessed with it ever since! The shape of the diffuser is so pretty and when it is turned on you will see the prettiest colors illuminate your room. I use mine nightly, with the oils above, to ensure I strip all the stress away and can sleep calmly. This specific diffuser is $44.99, but this company also has a few other design options if you don't necessarily like this one!

8. Keurig Duo: During this time of year, when I am staying home, I am always looking for a hot cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate! I love the Keurig because you can make all of these drinks and only need one machine! I have an older Keuring model, so when I was recently shopping for a new one this Keurig Duo definitely caught my eye! Not only can you make an individual cup of coffee, but you can also make pot of coffee, which is amazing for when you have guests over. I found one at Walmart for $79.00 and they seem to be going fast!

9. Nordstrom Kennebunk Bliss Plush Throw: When I am at home, I am always under a blanket, because I am always cold! Yes, even in the summer! So when it is time for me to buy a new throw blanket, I am always looking for one that is soft and warm! This throw is from Nordstrom, it comes in several different color options and it $39.50! This is definitely a great holiday or house warming gift!

10. Capri Iridescent Jar Candle - Volcano: Can anyone else pinpoint a smell based on what store typically smells like? I definitely can with this Capri Volcano candle, but that is because I worked at Anthropologie in college and they were always burning this candle. I truly love this smell and I love that Anthropologie is brining it out in several different color options. The candle is $30 and is available through Nordstrom or Anthropologie!

I really thought I was going to end this blog post, only sharing these 10 items, but I found the most perfect gift for a night in this past weekend! The moment I saw the Big Night in Kit I knew it needed to be an addition to this post! This kit includes a scented candle, cozy socks, sleep mask, ceramic mug and a mindfulness puzzle! This box comes from Paper Source and is $44.95! This would be a great gift for a group of friends to give each other and then have a big night in!

I had so much fun with this post, and I could definitely see myself buying these items for my friends and family! If you are a homebody, share your favorite items in the comments!

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