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Holiday Gift Guide - For the Fitness Lover!

Can you believe that we are less than 10 days away from Christmas?! I don't know about you, but time seems to be flying by. Since we are short on time, I wanted to share another gift guide with y'all, but this one is for the fitness lover in your life! I had a lot of fun putting this one together because I am also using these items as inspiration for myself to get back to working out! As always, all items can be shopped directly through the post and the items can get to you by Christmas!

1. Fitish Tank: I found this tank, while researching Black Friday deals, and absolutely fell in love with this tank. Let me break it down what it says on the tank: FITISH (noun) Definition: Semi-fit, kinda fit, works out + equally likes pizza. I mean, what is there not to like about this tank. The reviews state the top is a loose fitting cropped tank, so stick with your normal size. The tank is $65 and will be delivered by Christmas if you order by December 18th. I may be adding this as a Christmas gift for myself!

2. Get Shit Done Compact Fitness Journal: Some of my favorite running ladies love a good fitness journal. This one is compact, so it will be easy to pack in your bag and take with you. In the journal you can track your daily exercise to help you achieve your fitness goals. You can log 90 workouts worth of weightlifting, cardio and any other exercises you would like to do. The journal is on Amazon and is Prime, so you can have it before Christmas. The price is great at $16.99.

3. Apera Performance Duffel: A great workout bag is a must for most fitness lovers! I typically work out after work, so I always need to have my gym clothes with me. I bought one of Apera's duffel bags a few years ago and have loved it. There is plenty of space for your workout clothing and there are also spots for your shoes. The bag is currently on sale for $71.99. If you want to add a little something extra, Apera also sells additional bags you can use inside your duffel bags, which I also have. These organizational bags are antimicrobial and sanitized, so you can put your sweaty clothes in the bag and there won't be any smells. The pack of three bags are $27.99.

4. Yoga Mat: Is it just me, or does anyone else think about what they are going to eat after they are done working out?! This yoga mat is so cute and puts what I am thinking for everyone out in the atmosphere, so everyone knows where I am going after my workout! The yoga mat is $32.00 and is also from Amazon. It is prime and will arrive before Christmas.

5. Zella High Waist Leggings: I shared these leggings during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and they are truly amazing. They are not only for working out, but they would be perfect for running errands or to just be comfortable for the day. They are high waisted, but they aren't an uncomfortable high waisted pant. They are currently $59 and I would say they are true to size!

6. AfterShokz Air Open-Ear Headphones: I was introduced to these headphones at my last RunDisney race expo and was pleasantly surprised when I tried them on. These headphones are a little different than most, that they do not go in your ear. They sit in front of your ear so you can still hear everything that is going on around you. If you are afraid the headphones aren't comfortable, let me put your mid at ease because you can barely feel them. The headphones range from $79 to $159 and would be a great gift for the road runner in your life!

7. Breathe Deeply Tank: This one may or may not be under the tree for me. I saw this tank today and fell in love with it. I know it is hard to tell in the photo, but there is a pattern on the front that says Breathe Deeply. The tank is $54 and is true to size. It is hard to read the words on the burgundy top, but there is also a white version that is easier to read. I personally like this top because sometimes you just need to be reminded to breathe!

8. Fitlosophy Fitspiration Journal: I know we probably don't need two fitness journals in one post, but this one is a little bigger and a little different. On top of tracking your fitness journey, this journal also features healthy tips, motivational quotes, and space for notes and beneficial reflection. You can include notes about your workout, food intake and mood. They also include some blank space for any additional journaling you want to do. The journal ranges from $16 to $19 and you have a few options for the cover. It is Amazon Prime and will be delivered before Christmas.

9. Stay Hot, Keep Cold Bottle: Being an ambassador for a hydration company, I know there is nothing more important than being hydrated. I picked this bottle because it is sleek looking and would be a great reusable bottle to carry with you on a day to day basis. The bottle holds 19 oz of fluid and would be a great bottle to keep with you to stay hydrated. It is $42 and comes in several different colors! I picked this color because it is sparkly!

10. Back to Life Sport Bottle: I mentioned above that hydration is important, so it is also important to stay hydrated while you are working out. This bottle is perfect to pack in your gym bag and to use while you are working out. If you wanted to use this bottle for working out and everyday so then you are streamlined with one water bottle. This bottle is a little bigger, 24 oz, is $44 and also comes in black.

11. Garmin Vivoactive 4S: It is important to track your workouts, mileage and hear rate while working out and the best way to do that is with a fitness watch. I have two that I use, an Apple Watch and a Garmin, and I have to say I think the Garmin is the most accurate. That is why I am linking the Garmin Vivoactive as it is an amazing fitness tracker, but it a sleek everyday watch. It is also a smart watch and will work with your phone, Spotify and Garmin Pay. The watch is currently a deal on Amazon for $299. Some of the watches are in stock, and will be delivered before Christmas. But there is one watch that will be back in stock on December 18th and has delivery set between December 20-23!

12. Adidas Ultraboost 19 Shoes: I had to include these running shoes because they are the best shoes I have put on my feet in a long time. While I was training for my last Disney race I desperately needed a new pair of running shoes. I was told to try these and they are like walking on air! The regular price of the shoes are $180, but they are switching from the model 19 to the model 20, so there will be some of the shoes that are on sale. They definitely fit true to size and would be great for running, walking, hiking or any other sport you are looking for shoes.

13. Self Care Workout Tank: I don't know about you, but I want to focus more on self care in 2020. I saw this tank on Instagram a few weeks ago and it has been on my radar ever since. The tank says "self care isn't selfish" and it is the truth! This top is $55 and also runs true to size. You can use the tank as a workout tank or even one to wear everyday.

If you have already completed your shopping for the fitness lover in your life, I am also going to include some amazing stocking stuffers that will not disappoint. One of my favorite items to give my fitness lovers are some Quest Nutrition products. These items are high in protein, gluten free and low carb! I wouldn't say to fill their stockings with these items, but they are definitely a great addition!

I don't know about you, but I am about to purchase a few of these items and they may be under the tree as a to me, from me gift! If you have a fitness lover in your life, or if you are a fitness lover yourself, tell me in your favorite gift items in the comments!

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