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Have You Met Grayson? The Perfect Button-Up!

If you know me, you know I love a good-button up shirt! I was raised very preppy and a great button-up has always been a staple in my closet. I met Grayson at The Blog Societies Conference, a few weeks ago, where they were one of the conference sponsors. We were all gifted one of their shirts and I didn't know it at the time, but I was about to find my new favorite button-up. Not only does Grayson make a great shirt, but they are all together an amazing company. Here are some things you need to know about Grayson:

1. Grayson is a female founded company.

2. The company is named after the founder's, Audrey McLoghlin, daughter.

3. They have a no judgement sizing system.

4. Grayson is inspired by today’s generation of women who are literally out there conquering the world everyday, in ways big and small, transforming the world we live in.

5. The Grayson shirt is probably one of the softest button ups you will ever put on!

6. The shirt is machine washable and is tumble dry low! I don't know about you, but this is a huge deal in my house!

Photo by Hannah Lozano

The signature Grayson shirt is the called the Hero, every detail is intentionally designed to flatter women’s bodies and make them feel strong and feminine. My favorite thing about this shirt, beyond how soft it is, is the portrait collar that frames the face. Your first button will sit on your chest, opening open a women's chest and face. The shirt is a relaxed fit, but that does not mean it is oversized! Even with the relaxed fit, the button-up is flattering and feminine, not boxy. The hemline is draped, so it is the perfect top to wear untucked, half tucked or even fully tucked in!

Because I am so passionate about this company, and this shirt, I have partnered with them to share a few looks with you! Beyond the first button-up I received at the conference, Grayson was gracious enough to send me a few more shirts and I wanted to show you how to transition these tops from the end of summer, into the fall! The best part of all of this, is I have a promo code for you to get 20% off of your order with code TOUCHOFSPARKLE! You can use this code on their site and find your new perfect shirt!


I would wear a button up shirt all year round if I wouldn't die in the Georgia heat! I took my three Grayson shirts and styled them for the hot summer days that we have while we wait to transition into fall. I've done everything from apple picking to running errands in these button ups and they are always so comfortable and look chic. I have also worn these to work, so these button-ups are perfect to dress up or down!


I was excited to style these shirts for Fall, until the highs went back in the high 90s! I had plans for boots, booties, puffer vests and layers....that is not what happened! While all of this items would look amazing with these button-ups, I decided to style them for a southern fall! I switched out the shorts for jeans and sneakers and sandals for oxfords, riding boots and loafers! Add some layers with a light jacket or cardigan over the shirts, or keep the shirt open and add a cute solid or striped tee under it. There are so many ways you can style these tops for Fall and I can't wait to share more as the days get cooler!

All of the button-ups I'm wearing are the washed cotton, let me link them all for you here: (from left to right) plaid, stars, stripes. Because of my love for these button-ups, I purchased a solid white shirt, because it is a classic staple and I will get so much wear out of it! I bought the tissue cotton shirt and it is so perfect if you live in a warmer climate!

I mentioned above that they offer a no-judgement sizing system, which I love because I sometimes have a hard time finding a great fitting button-up! The no judgement sizing was introduced when the founder discovered that 70% of women identify with a different size than their measurements suggest. To eliminate the confusion caused by universal sizing, she created a judgment-free sizing system. Because these shirts aren't based on traditional sizing, I will share the size guide with you here! I will tell you that I am a size 4 and I definitely have some room! I had some questions/comments about people not being able to grab a shirt because their weight is not on the chart, don't fret! I let them try on mine and they would definitely be able to do the 5!

Grayson just released their Fall line and let me tell you, I am obsessed! They have a cozy cotton, feathered flannel and plush flannel added to their already amazing line up. The patterns look amazing and I cannot wait to grab some!

If you are ready to add one, or a few, of these amazing button-ups to your closet, head over to Grayson's website and find your perfect button-up! The prices start at $128 and you can use code TOUCHOFSPARKLE for 20% off!! You will not be disappointed when you add this upgraded basic to your closet!

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