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Happy National Dress Day!

Happy National Dress Day! Did you know this was a thing? Because I surely didn't! A friend of mine gave a "Days of the Year" calendar for Christmas and when I saw this day I got really excited! I love dresses and I would wear them all year round, if I lived somewhere that didn't have a winter.

So, in honor of National Dress Day, I wanted to share my 10 favorite dresses with you! I will include all of the information you will need about the dresses and will also link them all, so you can shop directly from the picture! They are all under $100 and a few of them are on a really good sale!

Floral Dress from Loft

I'm not going to lie, this is one of my favorite looks I've done lately! I love this floral dress and it paired with the blazer is just the cutest, in my opinion. This dress has long sleeves and fits true to size, it would be so cute for Easter, to wear to work or to even pair with sneakers and wear everyday! It is $89.50, but is currently 50% off with code NEWNOW.

Chloe Dress from Altar'd State

The word obsessed doesn't even cover how I feel about this dress! This dress is a very stretchy t-shirt dress and I would say it runs true to size. This would be more of a weekend dress for me, as I believe it would be too short for the office. The dress is $69.95, but I like to get Altar'd State dresses when they are BOGO half price!

Aerie Button Down Dress

I have a slight obsession with dresses from Aerie, and this dress is just so good! It would be the perfect dress for Spring and Summer and you could style it so many different ways. The buttons are functional, it runs true to size, comes in two different colors and it's currently on sale for $27.96. Not only can you wear this as a dress, but it can also be a swim coverup and you can even match swimsuits to the dresses! It's an all around win in my book!

Poppy Dress from Altar'd State

To me, this dress is the definition of a country girl dress. I love this dress with and without the denim jacket and if you add cowboy boots it just makes the dress even cuter! The straps on the dress are adjustable, as you can tie them as low or high as you would like. I love that you can dress up or down the dress and it would even be so cute in the Fall. The dress is true to size and is $69.95. The oversized denim jacket is $79.95 and is probably one of my favorites!

Striped Pocket Swing Dress

I've already admitted how much I love a good dress, a striped dress makes me love it a little more, but when you add is a guarantee that I will love it! This dress is a new arrival from Loft and is just an amazing dress! I can see styling this dress with wedges, sandals and sneakers throughout the Spring and Summer! It runs true to size and is $70.00, but it is currently 50% off with code NEWNOW!

Strapless Tiered Dress from Target

I tried this dress on in January and have not been able to find it since! I love the neckline, the tiers and the overall fit of the dress! I still cannot find this exact color and fabric online, but they have come out with four solid colors and two printed options. I would go with your normal size and the price is $27.99!

Signaturesoft Plush Sweatshirt Dress

If you follow Laura Godfrey on Instagram, you have heard her talk about the "butter pants" from Lou and Grey. Now just imagine them using the same material to make an everyday dress...yea, they did that! I found this dress a few weeks ago and this dress is literally the softest dress I have ever put on! The store had the three colors above in stock, but online has a really pretty pink version as well. The dresses are currently on sale for between $44.99 - $64.99 and you also get an additional 40% off! Definitely can't go wrong!

Aerie Eyelet Dress

The last time I walked into Aerie, I immediately grabbed this dress to try on! Between the colors and the eyelet details I feel like this dress is the epitome of Spring. I wasn't sure about the drop waist on the dress, but when I put it on, it is the cutest dress. The dress comes in blue and white, fits true to size and is currently on sale for $38.46!

Button-Front Rib-Knit Midi Dress

I fell in love with dress a few months ago when we were knee deep in Winter! It was really hard to look at a Spring dress when it is 20 degrees outside. I went ahead and bought the dress and work it at the first opportunity! The dress now comes in several different colors and it fits tru to size. The dress is also on sale for between $19.00 - $30.00, depending on the color!

V-Neck Zip Up Dress from Target

This is another dress I tried on in January and I immediately fell in love with it! My grandfather is retired navy, so this to me looks like a flight suit for a woman! When I first found the dress, it only came in two colors, but it now comes in four and they are all so cute! I feel like this is one of those dresses that can be worn for all seasons! Put it with riding boots, sandals, sneakers, booties, etc! It is a very versatile dress and is only $27.99!

So, I just scrolled back through my top ten and realized I only own three of these dresses! I'm not sure how how I only own three of them, but I feel like I need to remedy this situation. Which dresses are your faves and maybe I will add them to my collection!! Let me know in the comments!

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