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Father's Day Gift Guide!

"A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way."

I don't know about you, but I am a person who can buy really amazing gifts for Mother's Day. I always get caught up on Father's Day, because I have no idea what to buy. I typically end up getting a Lowe's or Home Depot Gift Card, which is probably the most impersonal gift a person can buy.

I feel like I've been overthinking what I should include in this post, which led to staring a different sites over the past few weeks trying to figure what items I wanted to include in this post. I finally decided to choose items that I would want to buy for my own Dad and Honey (Grandfather). All of the items can be shopped directly from the photos below!

Herschel Overnight Bag: Who doesn't love a good overnight bag? Herschel carries some amazing travel products for men and they all look so stylish. I have one of their backpacks and always get so many compliments when I carry it. I love this duffle because it looks so chic (I know, not a masculine word) and can hold everything you need for a weekend away with family!

Peter Millar Collegiate Quarter Zip: Does anyone else come from a huge football family? I remember watching football from Thursday - Monday when I was growing up! I knew I needed to include something sports related and what is better than an amazing quarter zip with a collegiate twist! They carry almost ever college and I've heard these sweaters are so soft! They are at a higher price point, but Dad will have this for years to come.

Dad's Complete Charging Station: Having my phone, Apple Watch, iPad and other electronics; I've always wished there was a one stop charging center! Well, I think I've found it on Etsy! This station hold your phone, wallet, keys, rings, watch, glasses and other items. It can also be engraved with anything you would like to put on it. It's less than $50 and the wood base just makes it look amazing.

Bose Sound Bar: We all know our Dad's love their toys, so why not add a Bose Sound Bar to their current entertainment space? I saw this listed on Nordstrom's Father's Day gift list and I kind of want to get one for myself! There would be nothing better than watching an action movie with all of the sound effects coming through this sound bar.

Bose Speaker: I have this little speaker and it is so amazing! It is waterproof and can go anywhere! You can charge the speaker and take it to the beach, pool or even the boat. The speaker will sync via bluetooth with you phone, so you can play any and all music directly from your phone! It is just over $100, which is a perfect price point for this speaker.

Maui Jim Sunglasses: If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with Maui Jim Sunglasses. All of their sunglasses are polarized and in my opinion, they are game changers in the sunglass world. I do know they are at a higher price point, but if you Dad spends a lot of time outside, then he needs a great pair of shades! You cannot go wrong with a pair of Maui Jim's!

Drill Set: I feel like I have bought a lot of tools for Father's Day, but after doing some research I think the best tool bundles come out around Father's Day! This kit seems pretty amazing and has some amazing reviews! Beyond that, who couldn't use more power tools?!

Gas Grill: My grandfather and I like to grill together when I go home, so having a good gas grill is key. This is the perfect time to purchase a grill as we are heading into summer and the sales are so good! This one has some great reviews on Home Depot's website and is less than $200!

Sperry Boat Shoes: My grandfather LOVES his Sperry Boat Shoes! I knew this was an item I definitely needed to include because my grandfather always asks for new boat shoes around the holidays. Sperry offers so many different options, but they can be worn dressed up and dressed down. Your father (or grandfather) will not be disappointed with a good pair of boat shoes!

Grilling Set: I have included two different grilling utensil sets on the list to appeal to your liking. This one is from Williams-Sonoma and it is a 20-piece deluxe grilling set. Everything you will need, to grill the perfect meal, will be in this set! This one is currently on sale and is less than $60!

Soft Sided Yeti Cooler: I am also including two different Yeti coolers because they serve two different purposes. The soft sided cooler is perfect for throwing a Publix Sub and some drinks in and heading to the beach or the pool. We all know Yeti products are amazing, so your drinks and food will not go warm.

Grilling Utensil Kit: This is the first grilling utensil set I ever purchased and I still have some of these items today. This kit is from Home Depot and is about half of the price as the first one. This one is a 13 piece set and does include some skewers for those fun summer meals!

Yeti Roadie 20 Cooler: I just recently bought this Yeti cooler and this may be my favorite item on this list. It comes in several different colors, is bear proof and will hold 20 beers (or cokes)! This is the perfect cooler for road trips or a bunch of friends getting together at the beach or lake!

Garmin VivoActive Music Watch: I am a huge Garmin fan, I actually run with a Garmin Fenix, so I will be the first person to sing their praises. This watch does a little bit of everythin, without breaking the bank. You can download up to 500 songs, track your fitness, monitor your fitness levels and even keep an eye out on how you handle stress. If Dad is looking for a fitness monitor, this is definitely the place to start! It's also on sale!

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