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Another Round of Favorites from Dress Up!

I had so much fun the last time, I decided I would try a different local store and see what other great items Dress Up had!! I wasn't sure which location I wanted to head to this time, but Mom and I decided to go to The Battery Atlanta (home of the Atlanta Braves) and I knew the store there would have some amazing items! Since they do get 65+ new items every week, I also knew there would be some new, cute items that weren't available last weekend. I knew they had brought out some pieces for the fourth, so I will start there and then share everything else I found. This time I am also including a few pairs of cute shoes and some accessories! Let's get started!

Skylar Striped Paperbag Shorts: I am relatively new to the world of paperboy pants or shorts, but these are so cute! I love the stripes on these shorts and they are lined so there is no worry about them being see through. They are a pull on short, so I would definitely stay with your normal size. They are $22 which is a perfect price point!

Carter Pleated Blouse: I pulled this top as soon as I came in the door and then decided to pair it with the paperboy shorts to make the cutest look for the fourth! The top does run a little big, but the material is lightweight and so breathable! The top is $29.99, so you can spend $52 and have the cutest outfit for the fourth!

This is the same red top as above, paired with a normal pair of denim shorts if the paperbag shorts are not your style! This top would be so perfect for all of the summer and into the fall!

Chloe Star Print Cross Back Top: I saw this tee when I first walked in the door and immediately knew it was something I needed to try on! I love the color red and the fabric is so soft. The top also comes in blue, is true to size, has the cutest cut out in the back and is only $25! This top would be perfect for the fourth!

Aubrey Striped Maxi Dress: If you know me, you know I am a sucker for a navy and white striped anything! I passed this dress as we walked in and I initially decided to not try this dress on because it was too predictable for me. I ended up grabbing this at the very end and I was not disappointed! I love the stripes going in the two different directions, it runs true to size and it is $36!

Aly Tie Strap Snakeskin Dress: I am not typically a person who wears a lot of animal prints, but this dress is so cute! I initially wasn't going to grab the dress, but when I touched the dress it was so soft! I reluctantly tried it on and I think I am officially a fan of animal print. This dress would be so perfect for a day out and about or even a day at the beach! The dress is $28 and I would stay with your normal size.

Adeline Embroidered Top: I saw this top on a mannequin and knew this was something I would be trying on. I had a top that looked like this last summer, but the quality of the item was bad and it ripped. This top is made of great quality and feels really good when you are wearing it. I love the stripes and the floral embroidery mixed together in this top. I would stay with your normal size and it only costs $28!

My Mom pulled this top for me to try on, because she didn't want to try anything on, but I ended up loving it! I wish I could find it on the website, but I can't. I will keep looking and will link the top on Instagram when it is available. (Follow me @touchofsparkleblog_ to find out when it comes in.) This top comes in three different colors: this grey, a cream and a coral color and is the softest top you will put on. It is meant to be oversized, but I did size down in this top to get the look I wanted. The top is $29.99 and will be a great basic for summer and fall!

I saw this look on the way out and I am very sad that I didn't see it earlier and try it on. I love the idea of the leopard print kimono paired with a simple black dress. This look would be perfect for a Saturday out with friends, brunch or even a great travel outfit. The kimono is the Jenna Leopard Kimono and is $28. You could really pair any black dress with this kimono, but this one is the Wilson Sleeveless Dress and looks so comfortable and perfect for summer. The price of the dress is $24!

Pearl Hair Clips: I don't know if you have noticed, but I am currently in the process of letting my hair grow. I have been using bobby pins to pull back portions of my hair, but when I saw these clips, I knew they would be prettier than a bobby pin. I've been seeing a lot of pearl hair clips or headbands all over social media, so I thought this would be the perfect time to try them! You can't beat the price at $4.99!

Larsson Platform Espadrilles: I am so obsessed with the platform espadrilles this year! I have gotten a few pairs and they are all so cute. I've been looking at these since before I did my first try on, but I could never pull the trigger. As I mentioned above, I'm not really a person who does animal prints, so I never knew how I would style them. I decided to try them on today and they are so super cute, but the sizing did not work for my feet. I tried the 10 and they were too big and the 9 was a tad too small. Sadly they don't carry a 9.5. The shoe is $28 and would be so cute for Summer and Fall!

Catalina Platform Espadrilles: I was so surprised when my Mom picked these out! I thought these ones would be line the ones above, but they are really a completely different shoe. The snakeskin straps are super cute and the ankle wrap is elastic. I loved the front part of the shoes, but the elastic strap around the ankle was a little tight for me! All in all they are super cute espadrilles and they are only $28!

I actually purchased these after doing my initial try on, but did not receive them until after I posted the first blog post. The necklace on the left is the Celia Cross + Coin Layered Necklace. I was first drawn to it by the two different crosses within the three layers. I have worn it a few times and yes the strands to tangle, but it isn't hard to untangle them. The necklace is $16! The one on the right is the Kat Layered Beaded Necklace. This necklace comes in two different colors of beads, white and black. This one does not tangle as easily and I have gotten so many compliments on this necklace. This one is $12, which is a price you cannot beat!

I could continue to do try ons at all of their stores, but then I would be bombarding you with multiple posts every week with all of their new arrivals! If you don't follow them on social media, find them @shopdressup and they will share all of the new arrivals throughout the week! Don't forget I have a 15% off discount code:


This code will take 15% off your entire purchase, it is online only and it expires at the end of day on July 1st! I will provide the direct shopping links below and I hope you all have a great Sunday and Happy Shopping!

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