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Favorite New Haircare Products!

Updated: May 15, 2019

A while back I shared some of my favorite haircare products and I wanted to do a new post with some updated items I've recently added to my haircare routine. I am a person who tries a lot of haircare products because I have a very sensitive scalp (also psoriasis of the scalp) and it will break out in hives at any time. I've made sure to test these items over the past few weeks to make sure I haven't had any reactions, so anyone else like me shouldn't have reactions either. I will link all of these products so you can shop them directly from the post if you are interested in trying any of them!

1. T3 Hair Dryer: I've been watching other bloggers talk about T3 products for so long and always told myself that I would never spend that much money on a hair dryer. It wasn't until my Mom upgraded her hair dryer, not a T3, that I tried an expensive dryer and saw the differences with my hair. My hair had less frizz, more body and the static I typically had almost went away. I know that drying your hair isn't healthy, but I felt like my hair was getting healthier the more I used it. On top of my hair getting healthier, I felt like my dry time was reducing just by using this dryer. The dryer has 2 settings, 3 heat settings, a cool shot button and a 9 ft. cord. If you are looking for a new hair dryer, I would definitely give this one a chance! The hair dryers from T3 will typically cost over $200, but I did get mine in a bundle and I will share that information below.

2. T3 Roller Brush: I've always used a roller brush when drying my hair, but not too long before replacing my hair dryer, I found out the one I was using was too small. I went to Ulta and a few other places and started looking for brushes, but was amazed at the prices they wanted for some of these brushes. When I found the bundle, which you can read more about below, the brush came with the dryer for free. It was the right size, 2.5", and just made the sale a little easier. If you are just looking for the brush, you can find it on the T3 website and they have three different sizes and two flat brushes. The brushes range in price, depending on what size you are looking for, but they are $35-$40!

***I will be completely up front here and tell you I did not buy the individual dryer or the brush from the T3 site. If you have a Costco membership, you can get a bundle deal, the dryer and the brush, for less than $100. With the return policy that Costco has, I tried it out for the 30 days to make sure I would love it and wouldn't want to return it.***

3. Leave In Conditioner from Framesi: I've had this product for a while, but I just never used it. My stylist suggested I use this leave in conditioner when I cut my hair short, because some conditioners will weigh down short hair. I didn't think too much about the product at the time, but now I have started to use it more frequently and it really works. After I shampoo my hair, I will spray the conditioner, comb it in and then put a towel over my head. I will dry my hair like normal and my hair is really soft. I have found this leave in conditioner on Amazon and it is about $20! If you have short hair, this bottle will last you for a long time!

4. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo: I think I've shared this before, in a prior post, but my go to dry shampoo is Living Proof! I don't use dry shampoo all the time, but when I do, I won't use any other brands. Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo doesn't leave my hair feeling chalky or stiff and it doesn't color my hair white, like some others do. I like to use it when I have been sweating and it's not my hair washing day. I've never tried not washing my hair, and only using dry shampoo for several days, but I've heard this is a great dry shampoo for that too. I know this one can be a little pricey, at $23, but if you follow their Instagram account they will run some really great deals. I would also look at the ads for Ulta because they sometimes have it for 50% off.

5. Colleen Rothschild Hair Care Essentials: So, this is my newest haircare purchase and I have to say that I'm obsessed. I saw a few other bloggers try these products and because of the scalp brush, I decided to check it out. They were running a special on the product, which made the collection $34, so I decided I would purchase it just to try the scalp brush. I completely underestimated these products! The scalp brush is probably the most amazing tool I have ever used on my scalp. I use it with my normal shampoos and if you also use a tea tree oil shampoo, the amazing tingling on your scalp is intensified with this scalp brush. I was afraid the brush would cause me to lose more hair, but I was surprised when it was the same amount I was losing in the shower normally. The next product in the kit is the restorative mask, which is so amazing! You can use the mask as like a weekly conditioner mask or it can be used each time you wash your hair. I've used it as a mask once a week and will just leave it on my hair for 5-10 minutes while I am finishing up in the shower. The mask will leave your hair so soft and shiny, I was pleasantly surprised. If you have a sensitive scalp, like me, don't worry, I haven't had a reaction to the man, so it would be safe to use. The last item in the kit is the smooth and shine hair serum and I wish I had this in the winter. You can use the serum on either damp or dry hair and a little will go a long way. The serum will calm down the frizz in your hair, but also leaves the hair so soft and shiny. The normal price is $48, but Colleen Rothschild is having a friends and family sale and you can get 25% off with code FAMILY25!

I hope some of these products have peaked your interest. If you try any of them, let me know your thoughts (good or bad)! If you have any favorite hair care products, put them in the comments!

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