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Favorite Walmart Finds!

I have been watching Instagram posts, over the past few months, and noticed some of the bloggers I follow have been sharing the cutest looks from Walmart. I was a little skeptical about the items I was seeing, so I decided to head over to my local Walmart and check it out. I was so surprised when I found so many pieces that I loved and could be staples in my wardrobe! The best part about these finds, the majority of the items are under $20! A lot of them are of the items are less than $10, but when you start looking at shoes and bags, the price gets closer to $20.

First, I want to share the items I have purchased an my thoughts on them. My favorite purchase, so far, is this super cute knit dress. It comes in eight different colors and it feels like you are wearing pajamas! The best part of this dress, it has pockets! I have this dress in the coral stripe, bay leaf stripe, black and navy. I have styled this dress a few different ways, see the photos below, and I always receive so many compliments when I wear it. I would stay with your normal size and the dress costs $9.96! Yes, that's correct, this dress is less than $10! This dress could easily be styled for work, a brunch with the girls and would also be perfect to travel in or pack for travel. My second favorite item is the round straw tote. I found a striped version of this bag in the store, but could not find a solid color, so I went online and was able to find the solid color bags. I bought the tan and the navy blue because they will go with everything in my wardrobe. Every time I carry this bag I get so many compliments and people are shocked when I tell them where it came from and the price. The bag comes in three other colors and is $16.97! The last thing I bought is this super cute slip on tennis shoes. I bought the white pair, so they would go with everything, and they are super comfortable. They have memory foam in the shoe, so your foot feels like you are walking on the cloud. The only problem I've had, is they only come in whole sizes, so I sized down and when I have worn them the leather has rubbed and caused blisters. I'm sure this will get better when I have broken them in more. These sneakers come in four other colors and are $14.88, yes....they are under $15!

Next, I want to share some other items I have found online or in the store, but I haven't purchased. Only one of these items is over $20 and everything else is under. All of these are so cute and would be great for Spring and Summer. I would stay with your normal size in the majority of the items, even the bathing suits. You can click on any of the pictures below and you will be directed to the product page where you can shop.

All of these items are only from the brand Time and Tru, which is the only brand I have shopped so far, but I will start venturing out and sharing the rest of those items with you as well. I know Ellen and Sophia Vergara both have lines with Walmart, so I am really excited about seeing what they have as well! If you have any questions about the products, or want to share your favorite with me, put a note in the comments below!

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