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Outfit of the Day - Oversized Sweater and Plaid Combo!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I was awoken today to a small earthquake and I never want to feel that again. This is the second time in my life feeling this (the first is when I lived in Seattle) and it really is the weirdest feeling. I had a friend stop by last week and informed me I needed to stop with all of the plaid, I kinda giggled and told her the plaid was just beginning on the blog! So, now I am going to see how much plaid I can put on the blog between now and Christmas!

I wanted to share this outfit with you today because I feel like I will be wearing it for the next few months! I found this sweater on Express and it looked for comfortable. It was on sale for 50% off that day, so I decided to take a chance and grab one. I decided to go with white because it would go with everything. It arrived in the mail a few days later and I immediately had to try it on. The sweater is a little on the heavier side, which is great if you live in colder climates, but it definitely won't make you die from heat if you live in the South. I went with my normal size, even though some people said to size down. The sweater comes in five different colors and is fully stocked. Express is currently running a sale with 40% off of everything, making the sweater $35.94. I received the plaid shirt on the same day as the sweater and thought it would pair perfectly! This plaid top is from Abercrombie and they have it in ten different plaid options. I did size up one size, because the bust was a little tight. Abercrombie is having a HUGE sale today and are running 50% off the entire store. This top would be $29, so go and grab a few different ones.

The last thing I want to share are these furry mules with you. I picked these up from Target and they are a great look a like to the $1,000 Gucci mules. These are no where near the same price point as they are listed for $24.99. I did post these on my Instagram Stories on Monday as they were 30% off for Green Monday. I would suggest sizing up 1/2 size because of the fur on the inside. I will link all of the items below, so definitely head over to these sites and check out the sales!

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