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Outfit of the Day - Let’s Talk About Puffer Vests!

We are on day two of rain here in Georgia and I am over it. Sadly, we still have two days left and I am not feeling it. The only good part is the cold weather because I get to wear all of my warm gear! Today I want to talk about puffer vests. I have five or six of them and I love them. Some people have told me I have too many, but I don't believe there is such a thing. I pulled this one out of my closet today and it was the perfect choice for this cold, rainy day! I then noticed Old Navy is having a huge sale and all of their frost-free puffer vests are on sale for $18.00. They have a lot of color options and they also have lighter weight vests if you don't want something so big. I wish they still had the plaid, but I bought mine a few years ago and hopefully they will bring them out closer to the holidays. I would say these fit true to size, but if you wan to layer heavy sweaters under them, definitely size up. If you want more of a snug fit, and you don't care about zipping it up, then size down. I paired it with the $19 shirt from Aerie I shared with y'all last week and my favorite jeans from Abercrombie, which are on sale for $39. I chose to wear my riding boots today, which I will link, but I think my Bean Boots would've been the better option. I have some other things to share with you this week, so check out the linked items below and I can't wait for you to see the things to come!

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