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Outfit of the Day - The Best Fleece Sweatshirt!!!

If you are in Atlanta, are you tired of this weather? Today is the third day that it has been grey, rainy and just bleh! On a better note, I want to share this amazingly soft and warm fleece pullover with you! I received the pullover in the mail yesterday and I immediately went upstairs to try it on. I know I have mentioned how soft things are in the past, but this is by far the softest top I've ever put on. The inside and outside of the top is make with the same fleece material and it is truly amazing. This heaven in a top is currently 40% off, which takes the price to $41.94 and is available in three additional colors: oatmeal, sage and black. You will definitely want to check out this pullover, you won't be disappointed if you added this top to your collection. I paired it with a V-neck tee from Abercrombie, skinny jeans from Old Navy and my navy blue striped Adidas Superstars. My tee is on sale for $12 and my jeans are on major sale and are $15! I will link everything below, check them out!

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