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Happy 35th Birthday to Me + 35 Fun Facts!

I cannot believe I am turning 35 today! I haven't met an age I didn't like, so I am very excited to see what 35 brings my way! I am going to share 35 facts about me that you may not know, so here we go!

  1. I was born at Landstuhl Army Hospital in Germany. I was 3 weeks late and my mom was in labor for 56 hours, now you know why she only has one child!

  2. I grew up in Orange Park, Florida, which is a suburb of Jacksonville.

  3. I am my Mom's only child and the oldest of three girls for my Dad.

  4. I am 51.1% French and German, followed by British & Irish and then some Eastern European and Italian!

  5. I was a cheerleader for 17 years before I tore my abdominal muscle, which ended my cheerleading career.

  6. One of my favorite movies is Mary Poppins, it has been since I was a kid and Julie Andrews can do no wrong.

  7. I attended three colleges throughout my college years, but my degree is in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations.

  8. I wanted to be the female Jerry Maguire when I was a teen, but then I found out I would need to go to law school and that dream ended there.

  9. I LOVE football. You can pretty much find football on my television Thursday - Monday night!

  10. If my TV isn't on football, then it is on the Big Bang Theory or Hallmark (especially when they are playing Christmas movies)

  11. My first job was at McDonalds. They had me run the cash register because I will look people in the eyes.

  12. I've never met a stranger, I will talk to anyone and everything. I've been this way my whole life.

  13. Even though I will talk to anyone, I have a fear of public speaking.

  14. My grandfather taught me you don't talk about politics, religion or money and I still stick to that today. He also taught me money is what counts and everything else is bullshit, but that is a conversation for another day!

  15. I started blogging several years ago to keep my family up to date about things that were going on in my life.

  16. I lived in Seattle for two years while I was pursuing my public relations dream. It did not work out and it took me a very long time to convince myself that the time I was there wasn't an overall failure.

  17. I was a guest blogger for a female networking group while I was in Seattle. My blog was called New Gal's Guide to Seattle and I had a blast writing it. This is why I included Adventures in North Georgia in my current blog.

  18. I started running in 2011 after seeing the medals you can get for finishing a race. I truly run for the bling!

  19. I run a Rodan + Fields skincare business with my mom! We started this business two years ago to allow the both of us to live our lives on our terms. We are still growing, but it will all be worth it in the end.

  20. My favorite place in the whole world is sitting on the rocks overlooking Moraine Lake and the Valley of the Ten Peeks in Banff National Park.

  21. I currently have one tattoo, but I have two that I am thinking about! I'm sure those will happen soon!

  22. If I am in my car alone I will be jamming out to either the Hamilton soundtrack, Taylor Swift or the 90's station on Sirius!

  23. I barely wear the color black, Navy Blue is my black and one of my favorite colors.

  24. I am obsessed with all things pumpkin! I actually stock up on pumpkin coffee so I can drink it year round.

  25. I am kind of a literary nerd. My favorite books are Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby and Romeo and Juliet.

  26. My drink of choice is champagne! One Hope and Veuve Clicquot are my favorites, but a glass of Dom every now and again doesn't hurt!

  27. I am obsessed with cheese, but I don't like blue cheese. Smoked Gouda is my favorite and I could eat it all day, everyday!

  28. I love online shopping because it is like receiving a gift every time the package gets delivered.

  29. I LOVE true crime podcasts! I will listen to them at work and they help me focus! That may make me really weird.

  30. I've never broken a bone and the only surgery I've ever had was having my wisdom teeth removed. (Knock on wood)

  31. I hate horror films and clowns!

  32. I may now be 35, but I love going to Walt Disney World! Whether I am there for a race, or just a visit, I love feeling like a kid and watching everyone else take it all in.

  33. I moved to Atlanta four years ago when my job relocated. I love living here, but I do miss my friends and family in Jacksonville.

  34. I am a travel planner (not officially). I research and plan every trip I take. Whether it is international, to Disney, back home, everything is researched and planned. I've even helped friends plan their Disney trips. I love travel planning!

  35. I haven't travelled as much as I would like, but I have the following places on my list: New York City, Chicago, London, Scotland, Ireland, Bali and Fiji just to name a few! I would also love to do a travel guide for each of these locations to help other people plan their trips!

I felt like this was going to be much harder than what it turned out to be! I could continue on, but for now I will leave you with these 35 facts! As I mentioned before, I am so excited for all things to come this year! I am currently celebrating in Disney, because there is no better place to turn 35!

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