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Outfit of the Day - It’s Starting to Feel like Fall!

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

I cannot tell you how happy I was when I woke up this morning and it was in the 50's! I wanted to grab a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise in the rocking chairs on the back porch, but sadly real life called and I had to go to work. I wanted to share this top which would be amazing for fall/winter and it is on MAJOR SALE! I shared this top in burnt orange with one of my Banff outfit of the day posts, but this top is so good I needed to share it again. The top is from Aerie and typically runs for $44.95, but it is currently on clearance and is currently $17.97. I did go out and buy a few more because they are just that amazing. The top is meant to be oversized, so I did size down. If you want it to be bigger and have it more as a lounge at home top, then I would stick with your normal size. They have several colors available and two different material options on their site. You cannot go wrong with either one and you will love this top! I have paired both of mine with jeans, but with the length, this top would be great with leggings as well. My jeans are from Old Navy and they are the mid-rise rockstar super skinny. I would stay with your normal size and they are currently on sale for $20! These are my favorite jeans and are a great fit for everyone. Lastly, these are my new booties from Target, I purchased them last weekend during the 20% off sale and I love them! I have worn them all day today and they are comfortable and fashionable. They are $34.99 and I would stick with your normal size (most sizes are available at I will share a closer look at the booties since it is hard to see the details in the picture. I will link everything below, but definitely check out these tops!

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