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Outfit of the Day - Day Trip to Leavenworth

Is anyone else in the south impatiently waiting for fall to show up? I am reliving the days in Banff and Washington when it was cool and I was able to wear my favorite fall clothes. I wanted to share this outfit I wore when we were exploring Leavenworth a few weeks ago. While I was doing my last minute shopping, I found this chenille cardigan and immediately fell in love. I could see myself wearing twitch shorts and a tank, or even jeans and boots. I decided this would be a great option for our trip, so as soon as I got home the cardigan went into the suitcase. I went with my normal size and it is perfect. I bought the cardigan from Fiore Boutique, but I cannot find my cardigan on their website. I found the same one with green instead of pink, which is the first link below. I also found other chenille cardigans which would be just as cozy as this one. My shirt is a PIKO shirt, which I have linked in a prior post. I love these tops and have them in a few different colors. I would stay with your normal size and they are great for all seasons. I linked the exact shirt and the link to all of the other colors because they are currently on sale for $19.60. My jeans are from Abercrombie and they are also on sale. They are $39, which is half price, and I would say to size down because of the stretch in them. I feel like I lived in these shoes during my trip, but they are great for all day wear if you will be doing a lot of walking. I have linked all of the items below and everything will be great for all seasons! I hope everyone has a great week, I am now going to go shop the green version...

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