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Banff - Day 4!

I cannot believe this was my last full day in Banff. This will be my last daily post from Banff, but when I tell you I saved the best for last, I'm not lying! We started the day by trying a new place for breakfast, Good Earth Coffee House. I had a pumpkin spice latte and a breakfast sandwich. We found a fire pit outside of the coffee shop and decided we needed to visit it for a few minutes. It wasn't long before our excitement kicked in and we knew it was time to get in the car and head for the lakes! Our first stop was Lake Louise and it was super foggy when we got there! We started hiking the trail, along the side of the lake, and the fog eventually lifted. When the sun came out so did the teal of the lake, it was another breathtaking moment. We spent more time here than we were planning, but every moment was worth it!

Our feet with the fire pit!

Our group before the fog lifted

The fog is starting to lift!

From the back side of the lake you can see the Fairmont Lake Louise!

After Lake Louise we headed over to Moraine Lake, which was one of my must sees on this trip. We were finally able to get into the parking lot, as it was full earlier in the day, but you can see the mountains the second you get out of the car. When you first get to the lake you are near the beach area, we found the path and hiked up the stairs to get what they call the "million dollar shot." I don't know what I was expecting after the hike up, but oh were those views amazing! I am rarely speechless, but there are no words to describe the beauty and amazingness of Moraine Lake. I will provide more information in the travel guides, but for now I will share the gorgeous pictures!

Moraine Lake from the Beach!

Me in the "million dollar shot!"

So Amazing!

Our group on the beach!

After Moraine Lake we headed over to the ski lodge at Lake Louise. The whole point of coming here is because it is the best place to see bears in the Banff area. We took the summer gondola up to the top of the mountain and decided to go to Whitehorn Bistro to enjoy a drink. Sadly we did not see a bear, but the best time to see them is in July. Oh darn, that just means I need to go back! As we were finishing our drinks, and checking out the observation deck, it started to snow. We decided to head back to the gondola and the closer we got the harder it snowed. We finally made it back and were able to ride down in the snow.

The only bear we saw!

Our drinks from Whitehorn Bistro.

Views of the mountains on the way down.

This is the last preview from Banff, the next stops are Seattle. Mom and I are headed there to spend some time with family and to play tourist. I am going to start the travel guide for Banff and will provide so many more details about food, lodging and activities!

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