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Banff - Day 3!

It is amazing how quickly your days get away from you while you are on vacation!!! My plan was to upload the photos each night, put together the preview blog post and the schedule it to be posted. Clearly that did not happen! Monday was our first of two busy days, so we woke up early, grabbed another great breakfast from Whitebark Cafe and then got on the road. We had a 2.5 hour drive up to the Athabasca Glacier and we passed by some amazing winter scenery on the drive. Because of road construction, we arrived just in time for our tour to start, so we didn't have time to take in our surroundings. We immediately loaded onto our tour bus and were on our way to the glacier. I will provide far more information about this when I do the complete travel guide.

We were finally able to see all of the surrounding mountains!

Looks like a Christmas Card

Views on the drive

Our all terrain vehicle for the glacier!

Us on the glacier!

How amazing are these views?

Being Rebels

After walking on the glacier, they put us on another bus an took us over to the Skywalk. The Glacier Skywalk is a glass bottom walkway that goes out over the valley of the mountains. Three of us were prepared to go out on the skywalk, but we did have to walk the fourth out to the end. I have a 40 second video that is the entire walk, looking down, and it will be included in the full travel post.

Our group on the Skywalk!

Looking down on the glass walkway!

Me on the Skywalk!

A year ago, to the exact date we arrived in Banff, I posted my very first photo of a lake in Banff. The photos were of Peyto Lake and I knew I needed to see this lake in person. We passed by the entrance, as we were driving to the glacier, so we knew exactly where we needed to go on the way back. After parking the car, and walking straight up for 10 minutes, we arrived at Peyto Lake and it was the most amazing view I've ever had! I don't have words to express the beauty of this lake, so just check out the pictures!

Peyto Lake!

I look so giddy here!

Mom and I!

Our group at Peyto!

After leaving Peyto Lake, we then found Bow Lake and decided to pull off and explore the lake. This lake didn't have the same blue/teal coloring, but it was still gorgeous. The snow capped mountains just made the lake that much more beautiful!

Welcome to Bow Lake!

Our group again!

I can't believe we are almost to the end of our trip. I don't want to leave Banff, but we still have a fun day left!

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